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If this is a service you’re looking for, these are the guys you want to do it! Absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish. Brian was great to deal with on the estimate, and other Brian did great work on the house. Cannot recommend them enough! A month in and my electric bill is already half of what it was before.

- Tanner Utley

The salesman arrived on time and was very informative and understanding as to my financial status and how I could get the most benefits from the services they offered. The workers arrived on time on the original date scheduled. They did an excellent job and I don't have the holes showing in the siding. It took a couple of days but the house is much warmer. It was after dark when the workers finished and they cleaned up behind themselves very well. There were only a few things that I had to rehang and/or pick up. I would highly recommend this company.

- Rebecca Christian

Salesman arrived on time. Very helpful, with job questions. Crew showed up the next day and did a fantastic job with the work, and cleanup. Very satisfied

- George

My home was built in 1920 and has always been very drafty and expensive to heat & cool. USA Insulation installed foam insulation into the walls recently. My house is not drafty any more and is quieter too. I am certain the heating and cooling bills will be considerably better. The team of Brian Cornn, Chevy, & Darian was very professional and polite and worked very well together. They were mindful of my landscaping as I requested and cleaned up after themselves. I would definitely recommend them!

- Kathy Ketron

We have a 150 year old farmhouse that just would not stay cool in the summer and struggled to stay warm in the winter. Brian, Darian, and Chevy came out and did the injection foam and blown-in insulation. They were done within a few hours and cleaned up so well you couldn't even tell they had been there. The guys were also very friendly. You could tell a difference in temperature almost immediately! We are very happy with our experience and would highly recommend them to anyone!

- Mallory Shaw

I had this product installed a few months ago,my experience with the crew of Chevy, Darian & Brian was overwhelmingly great..they worked exceptionally well together cleaned up after themselves,and clean up was over the TOP ....Tony the Salesman was awesome....HIGHLY recommend this company

- Willlmmmaaa

My neighbor has same size house as mine and he hired Extreme Green. Mistake. They insisted on 50% down and charged over $1,000 more than USA Insulation. They also took two days to do the job, leaving siding off and three tall ladders leaning against the house overnight with holes for foam open and exposed. An Extreme Green worker even insisted my neighbor go to Lowes to buy a can of foam for them to use! USA did a superior job in 5 hours with 3 workers and charged less with no money down and 12 months no interest payment plan. I highly recommend USA Insulation of Indianapolis.

- Steven Elston

Brian Belbin and his team, Kevin, Caleb and Jon were wonderful to work with. Clean, thorough, polite, respectful and a real pleasure to work with. It's been 2 days since we had our foam insulation done - no odors, no mess. The temps turned much cooler last night and we can tell a huge difference already. We could NOT be happier! If you have questions about my foam insulation experience, you are welcome to message me as a very happy customer. My brick picture shows the before and after mortar plugs same day - today, you can't see them at all.

- Gayla Baer-Taylor

I was very pleased with in installation of my house attic insulation. They team was extremely professional and did an outstanding job. They took the extra time to explain areas of my attic which needed additional attention. I appreciate the prompt service. I would highly recommend this company. I received several quotes prior to selecting USA Insulation and I felt most comfortable with their service and integrity of their work. I will be hiring them again for some additional work which needs to be done on my garage.

- Chloie Russell

USA insulation is wonderful. The two guys Chevy and James came out early to get the job started and realized that the drill bit would not fit the needs of my brick mortar. Chevy… Actually went around with a heat, seeking gun around my house to make sure if I even needed the product that Usa Insulation was going to install. After talking with Chevy and James, they suggested that my floors in the crawlspace were cold and that my attic needed more insulation. That decision save me thousands of dollars and I truly appreciate those guys in their expertise. I even had an opportunity to speak to the owner Tim who I praise Chevy and James too. Working with Tim also gave me comfort in knowing that this is a very reputable company. I would definitely use them again.

- Raymond Poole

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