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Keep Your House Warm And Your Wallet Happy With USA Insulation

While winter isn't something Central New Yorkers necessarily want to think about while the temperatures are still in the mid-70s, now is the time homeowners need to think about insulation for the colder months. The Farmer's Almanac has predicted a colder-than-usual winter for this year. "We look at it this way," said the owner of USA Insulation, Andy Fiorini. "If you put foam insulation in your walls, that's like putting a coat around your home. And then insulation in your attic is just like putting a hat on your home."

Newer homes have insulation that is up-to-code but older houses may not which result in homeowners being hit with larger utility bills. "Every home is different but typically homeowners will save between $50 to $100 or even $200 per month. And in some instances, people will save even more than that. If it's a home that has no insulation at all, we have some extreme situations where they save much much more than that," said Fiorini.

USA Insulation uses a foam product to fill your home's walls with insulation and prevent drafts. Insulation is injected from the outside of your home and in most cases, the application is finished in one day. USA Insulation will provide a free estimate and assessment and homeowners who sign up before the busy winter season will receive $500 off of a whole-home insulation.

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