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5 fascinating uses for insulation

For many homeowners, insulation is something we’re all (hopefully) familiar with but did you know that besides protecting your home, insulation moonlights in some interesting places? We don’t blame you if you’ve never given it much thought so allow us to elaborate: Insulation has many fascinating uses that many don’t know about! Below are just a few examples of how insulation helps the world go ‘round.

Space shuttles
If there’s one thing you may have not known about insulation, it is its ability to provide an extremely important function when it comes to protecting space shuttles. Yep, space shuttles. As these engineering marvels leave or enter the Earth’s atmosphere, a tremendous amount of friction occurs, causing the shuttle’s temperature to soar, making it impossible to survive without—you guessed it—insulation. With insulation, or the thermal protection system, space shuttles can withstand temperatures of up to 3,000°F. Cool.

Zoo habitats

Everyone loves the zoo. And thanks to insulation (and much to our excitement), some of our favorite cold climate animals like penguins and polar bears can make their homes inside climate controlled exhibits. Maintaining these extreme climates requires some serious engineering along with quality insulation, of course. By applying an insulation barrier to these carefully crafted environments, polar bears and penguins alike can feel right at home.
Concert venues

Going to concerts to see your favorite musician can be an unforgettable experience. And constructing these venues to provide that unforgettable experience can be tricky without the presence of insulation. Reinforcing venues with insulation can help amplify acoustics and provide effective sound deadening so that everyone outside doesn’t get a free show and, perhaps more importantly, it prevents any outside sounds from coming in and affecting the quality of the music.

Art galleries and museums

When it comes to art galleries or museums, installing insulation is the key to controlling their climate. Having an efficient climate-sensitive system for art galleries is important because without it, humidity and temperature fluctuations could do some serious damage to extremely valuable pieces of art.


Now, we know that the familiar insulation you know and love is not used in igloos at all—however, it’s still fascinating how these seemingly simple and frigid structures can provide warmth. The only material used in igloos is snow and due to the air pockets trapped within, snow can act as an unconventional insulator. Who knew? Once built, believe it or not, the inside of an igloo is capable of reaching 61°F which is a lot warmer than sub-zero temperatures on the outside.

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