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USA Insulation in Griffith serviced my home. Corbin, Angel and John were very professional. Upon arrival, Corbin introduced himself as the team lead (I forgot the term he used) and also introduced me to Angel and John. Corbin and I went over the job and gave me a chance to address my concerns. Once the job started, Angel showed me pictures after each step they completed. I had a few questions during the insulation. My questions were answered with knowledge of the job and in a professional and patient manner. All job related mess was cleaned up prior to the team leaving. I am very satisfied with my experience with this company and the entire process from start to finish

- John W

We called 3 different companies to quote insulating our 1350 sq ft 2 story brick home. (attic and walls) 1 company didn't showed up or call at their scheduled appointment time.. 2 outfit was local spray foam company wanted $14,000 just for attic, said they couldn't do the brick walls! USA showed up on time and contracted to foam insulate all exterior walls and insulate attic to R-55 for less than $11,000... Excited to see the result

- Ramon Mercado

Definitely worth the wait!! I contracted a month ago to have my attic insulated along with my garage ceiling. 3 guys from USA busted their hump and finished in about 7 hours!! Cleaned up and gone. Very happy our A/C isn't running half as much as before..

- Richie Sack

Should have called these guys 3 years ago.. Carol in the office was just a nice as could be, the man that inspected our attic explained exactly what we had and what needed to be done. Rodney and the installers took their time and showed us before and after pictures, really impressive team. Already recommend 2 of my neighbors!!!

- Doeboy J

USA Insulation was recommended to us by my neighbor that does home remodeling... Our home isn't very old but has always been cold in the winter, hot in the summer! The gentleman came on time and was polite. Evidently they did their homework before our appointment time because he knew a great deal about our home already. (Year built, square feet, type of construction etc..) Rather impressive!! We contracted to Foam inject our walls and insulated attic.. The difference was instantly noticeable as was the outside sound reduction!!! Highly recommending to family and friends..

- judith buncich

The workers were on time and worked hard all afternoon until they finished around 8:00 P.M. They did excellent job and even showed me where some foam had leaked thru the basement ceiling. They cleaned up completely and asked if there was anything else. I thanked them. They were very professional and courteous, and answered a couple of questions my Wife had. I would recommend them to anyone because I know my utilities Bill's will be lower with more insulation.

- david hall

USA has Insulated 4 units in our Condo association since November. Had my 3 bedroom loft insulated a week ago, OMG!!! Night and day difference!!! Warm, NO drafts, quite..

- Cat Caban

I'm always a bit nervous when asking a for a professional service to perform tasks. $ is so tight now and days. Beau was professional and personable. Salesmen have to be able to connect with their clients not just to make the sale but to put the minds of their clients at ease. This is the most valuable skill in my opinion. Although I have not pulled the trigger yet I did want to put a review in while the experience was still fresh. So thank you

- C Adams

Completely happy we used USA Insulation, even though we had a couple of small problems.. They came back out and fixed a couple of drywall issues the following week. Our bedrooms and kitchen are soo much warmer, it's remarkable!!!

- Allen Nawrocki

Caught this month's attic insulation sales promotion from Billboard in NWI... With $1'000 off our total price was $3890.. Plus we'll get energy tax credit and they have utility company participation in our zip code. Carol and Tori from the office walked us thru all the rebates and credits for us!!

- Steve Downs

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