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Why do I need to insulate my whole home?

Insulation serves as a barrier that protects your home’s thermal envelope, which keeps the outdoor air out and your conditioned air—both hot and cold—inside. When your whole home is insulated, it maintains its temperature much more effectively and efficiently, saving you money while keeping you comfortable. Our team at USA Insulation can provide whole-home insulation services for existing homes as well as homes being constructed.

USA Insulation Whole-Home Insulation Package


USA Premium Foam® Insulation is the difference.

A key component to whole-home insulation is the insulation in your walls – both interior and exterior walls. This is where our USA Premium Foam Insulation product is unrivaled. Unlike other forms of insulation like cellulose, EPS boards, and fiberglass batting – which only work for certain building materials – our superior foam can be installed through and within almost any type of home building material.

Our technicians at USA Insulation can insulate just about any type of building, including brick, shingle, vinyl siding, stucco, aluminum siding, wood, block and basement walls.

Our proprietary foam goes where other insulation cannot!

Benefits of Whole-Home Insulation

Your home will be more comfortable.

Studies show that 40% of feeling comfortable has to do with the exchange between radiant heat from our bodies and interior surfaces around us. Insulation lowers radiant heat exchange, keeping your home comfortable all year long.

You will save money.

Our premium insulation products save you money by lowering your heating and cooling costs every month.

You will help the environment.

Insulating homes all over the world would lower the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere by 293.5 billion pounds over a 10-year period, according to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health!

You will increase your home‘s value.

Insulation increases the value of your home. It also acts as a sound, air, and condensation barrier in addition to maintaining your home’s ideal temperature.

With our premium injection foam in your walls, blown-in attic insulation and spray foam insulation covering exposed surfaces, it’s a whole-home insulation solution that can’t be beat!

"Sean Jordan and his crew are excellent to deal with and will always answer your call and make sure the job is 100% correct.”

Becky L., Wheaton, IL

“What really impressed me the most was that Zack called some other people with more experience than him to make sure that they could do the job that I wanted them to do. He wanted to make sure it could be done safely and to my satisfaction. The person he called answered the phone even though it was the weekend and he was off duty. They came out soon after to do some measurements. As for the installation itself, I really appreciated their detail. I barely knew they were here because they cleaned up so well after themselves. I was happy with the product. My goal was to have a warmer room over the garage and they did that.”

Nancy L., Chicago, IL

“USA Insulation was punctual and their office worker Carrol was on the ball. She called a week ahead of time, as well as a day before the job and explained the details to me. She was very polite and answered any questions I had. The employees were exceptionally good, and I have nothing but praise for USA Insulation.”

Habitat For Humanity, Johnsburg, IL

“I recommend USA Insulation to anyone that is looking to have good work done with quality, professionalism, and kindness. Anyone who is looking to save money will also be greatly pleased by their experience with their company. Overall, USA Insulation is the best solution.”

Maria K., Schaumburg, IL

"They came out and did excellent work. My house is a lot warmer than it used to be. They cleaned up and were finished with the job quickly. It was perfect.”

David & Joann M., Cary, IL

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