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We came upon a special that USA insulation was running and decided to not only have our attic insulated, but also asked if they could replace and vent out our bathroom attic fans that were placed up there during the building of our home, but never vented to the outside. The whole process was seamless and the price was right. It was worth every penny to now be saving close to $100 a month on our NIPSCO bill. We also claimed an energy efficiency upgrade on our taxes. Great company and very professional from start to finish. I highly recommend their superior service.

- Kay Orzechowicz

I have a small 1950 brick home, and both rear bedrooms were freezing! Sweating on the walls came from no insulation.. USA injected foam insulation into all exterior walls and a night and day difference! Completely satisfied should have done this year's ago!

- Joseph Buncich

USA was great to work with and answered all my questions! Very hard working team and knowledgeable!

- Sabrina Flowers

Very pleased with the crew that came out and insulated our walls and attic Monday. Robert the foreman walked thru the house and explained how everything would be done as the the other men set up the equipment. The whole job took about 10 hours and they cleaned up nicely. We could immediately tell our house is much quieter! The Owners Son came by and said hello to us, which we thought was very nice. We are very satisfied with our decision to use USA Insulation.

- Betty DeGroot

USA Insulation added insulation to my house on 11/07/2022 and I would like to say that they were very professional, courteous, Christian and the 2 gentleman that did the job with him did a great job and were absolutely professional in every way! I would recommend them to anyone that needs insulation work done.

- Thomas D'Amato

First of all I'm an Engineer and researched my options thoroughly. Secondly, the sales rep wasn't pushy at in all. Thirdly, USA offered different types of insulation materials depending on the application.. Loose fill high density in the attic, injection foam in the walls, spray for the ban board. None of the 4 other companies we spoke to offered what I'd call a total package. When all was said and done every part of our home was insulated with the right product (Top of the line materials) at what was a very middle of the road price for the scope of my project! Installers took their time and answered every question respectfully. They offered the best complete service by far!!! Very satisfied.

- Kyle Childers

Fast and friendly.. We had our walls done. The Professional that inspected said we had good coverage in the attic.. (So no overselling!!) The Guys cleaned up nicely and we could feel a difference in temperature about halfway thru the fill. Great experience! Neighbor down the street also used, very happy..

- Exark Neblett

USA has Insulated 4 units in our Condo association since November. Had my 3 bedroom loft insulated a week ago, OMG!!! Night and day difference!!! Warm, NO drafts, quite..

- Cat Caban

Noticed several USA Insulation yard signs in the neighborhood and thought I could use a bit more in the attic, so I called. The young man that came out was clean cut, polite and professional. (Said he'd gotten out of the Military a little over a year ago) Inspected my attic and explained I had plenty R-50ish and that it was ventilated fine, no signs of mold, no action was necessary.. I offered him $50 for his time and he refused to take it. Very impressed with him and USA Insulation staff on the phone call!!! Nice to know there are still honest companies that aren't just chase dollars.. Very grateful

- Robert Shropshire

Soo glad we found USA Insulation! We got our 1350sq ft brick home (Walls and Attic) insulated for less than another spray foam company want to just insulate our ATTIC alone.. ($11,100 is what the other guy wanted attic only!! / crazy) One day installation, no mess,, totally satisfied

- colleen francis

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