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It was inevitable that we would eventually have a frozen pipe during the winter cold snaps. Last February, our North wall finally got cold enough to freeze the spigot and water line to the washer. Even before that, we were tired of having cold kitchen cabinets and strong cold draughts coming from various exterior wall outlets and switches. Our house isn’t that old but clearly the builders were either inefficient or just lazy in some of the original insulation. We contacted USA Insulation as they are one of the few companies nationwide that will do post-build wall insulation. Their sales team were responsive, easy to deal with and gave us a competitive quote for insulating both stories around the exterior. The insulation process was a little noisy, but the installation team was pretty efficient at the work and professional in their work. Even though the house was fairly large, they completed the work within just a few days. There were a couple of small follow up tasks, but they were diligent about completing the work. Even though we had the work done at the end of last year’s cold season, we were pleased to notice the benefit in the summer months as the AC units didn’t need to work as hard to cool the house. Now that the cold has returned, it’s so nice not to have to worry about extreme energy bills as the house feels warmer and retains the daytime heat much better than it used to. And it’s really nice not to open the kitchen cupboards and not reach for pots, plates and dishes that are icy cold! Overall, we’re very happy with the work that USA Insulation did for us and think that the increased comfort, peace of mind and the reduced energy costs (and the tax incentive) were well worth the investment. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for similar work at friends and neighbors.

- Adrian Wood

I’ve used USA Insulation two different times now. I used them the first time last year and was very impressed with the service and product, so had them out again this week to do another section. Their crew does a great job of applying the insulation and was very mindful to not damage anything. Brian and Jurea were very helpful with recommendations for what would be most impactful to reduce energy costs. I certainly recommend the company and product.

- RW Wynn

My house was built in 1952, when I had to do some minor sheetrock repair, I found that 70 year insulation was now a brown clump at the bottom of the wall. Our house was never really comfortable, too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, so I decided to look into injection foam insulation. I found USA insulation of Carrollton, set up a consultation and they took over from there. They explained the process and the science behind it very well and we got it set up for the following week. That was right as all the 100 degree days were hitting. The couple of days before they installed, I noted that my thermostat would not get below 85. Since the insulation was injected, our house has consistently been in the 76-79 degree range during the heat of the day. I used an infrared thermometer the other day, the outside wall of the house was reading 110 degrees, the inside wall, 80 degrees. I will take a 30 degree difference all day long. According to my energy dashboard with my electric company, my energy use compared to last year is bit lower and it was no where near as hot as it was last year. All in all, I am super pleased and looking forward to cooler temperatures (aren't we all?) but mainly I am excited to see how much warmer my house is going to be this winter.

- Dan Reyes

I had my home insulated and was very pleased with the results, and recently I had my sister's home done and was also pleased with the results. They were timely and explained the process and very professional. I highly recommend their services, you will be happy with the results.

- Annie Teel

Great service and the installation crew was awesome. The injection foam will make a big difference. I highly recommend this company.


The engagement with USA Insulation was excellent. The entire staff is very professional, and the work was done timely and with excellent quality. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- M David Malenfant

I was concerned because my house has brick exterior, but these guys did a great job. You can't tell anything was done. High quality insulation at an affordable price! Temperature dropping below freezing and my heater runs less than when it was at 40+ degrees. I can honestly tell the difference. Thank you, USA insulation.

- E Osgood

Brian was easy to work with, professional and knowledgeable. The installation team was efficient and neat. They were also very polite and professional. Most importantly, my electricity bill showed a significant drop in usage the following month, due in part to the attic insulation! Should have done this years ago.

- Linda Kolb

Great experience all the way around. My home is insulated and can feel the difference. The office gal Juria and Brian are wonderful people and down to earth. The work crew was so respectful and clean. Very happy and just wanted to show my appreciation to the USA Insulation Team of Carrollton for doing a great job on my home and making it comfortable in every room. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

- Kevin Mariano

Great Folks.. very professional. Clean up after the job. Takes care to do the job right.

- OldTexasMason

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