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Why does my home need to be air sealed?

All homes have gaps or spaces that allow conditioned air to escape – this includes holes left by electricians to feed electrical wires and gaps in the rim joists that are left open to air flow from outside. Unfortunately, these little openings have a big impact when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency.

Premium Air Sealing “Search & Seal”

Our highly skilled, trained, and experienced energy and insulation experts can come to your home to conduct our “Search and Seal” procedure. This process finds and targets the leaks that are hurting your home’s energy efficiency, and seals them off for energy use reduction – up to 20%! It’s an incredible process that will pay off in real dividends when it comes to your home’s comfort and your monthly energy savings.

Our Premium Air Sealing service will:

  • Identify and seal the hidden leaks that are compromising your home’s energy efficiency
  • Stop unwanted air movement
  • Keep out soil gases, pollutants, and other contaminants that affect your indoor air quality
  • Prevent condensation and moisture, which can lead to indoor water damage and mold growth
  • Ensure that your home stays comfortable and your energy costs stay low all year long

“I would recommend USA Insulation to my friends, family and neighbors as they were punctual, courteous and respected my property and the inside of my home.”

Jean M., Covington, GA

“I was very satisfied in the speed of which they scheduled the work to be done. I'm very happy with the end product and I recommend them to anyone!”

Lawrence F., Fayetteville, GA

“We had a problem with a hole being created in my ceiling as the result of an accident. It was handled courteously and professionally.”

Jim E., Atlanta, GA

“USA Insulation of Atlanta was a good company to work with. They definitely made a difference with the quietness of the home and the environmental aspect.”

Mike S., Marietta, GA

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