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Winter Dangers You Need to Know About

Car accidents aren’t the only winter danger you should be concerned about when temperatures drop and the snow gathers. Inside your home, plenty of hazards exist. High energy bills and condensation and rot are just a few. Learn what you can do to ward off winter threats inside your home and create a safe haven.

Ice dams

A common concern when outdoor temperatures dip, ice dams happen when the attic temperature rises above freezing, creating conditions where snowmelt on the roof will run down toward the eaves. Here, the temperature isn’t as warm and the water freezes. The ice dam that builds at the edge of the roof causes water to pool higher up, getting underneath the roof shingles and underlayment and eventually reaching the attic. The solution
Proper insulation on the attic floor will help your home stay warm and prevent heat energy from rising into the attic. Ventilation in the attic will usher warm air out and keep cool air circulating into the space, which will help keep the attic temperature in line with outdoor temperatures.

Attic condensation

Warm, moist air that rises from the home’s living spaces into the attic will settle on the colder surfaces there. Soon, the wood structure will begin to rot from exposure to the moisture. The solution
Keeping the attic well ventilated is one step that rids the attic of the moist, warm air. However, effective air sealing and insulation between the living spaces and the attic itself also go a long way toward stopping the transfer of humid heat.For help keeping your attic in good condition throughout the winter months, contact USA Insulation today! We’re happy to help you with air sealing and insulation in the attic to stay out of the danger zone. Give us a call today!

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