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USA insulation did a fantastic job putting much needed insulation in my attic. They walked me through every step and made things simple and easy. I mean the owner called to check in things later in the afternoon to ensure I was happy. I would highly recommend this company.

- Tyler Brisson

Thank you to the USA Insulation team for a job well done. Justin the sales person came in and went over what they could do to make St. James Episcopal Church of Mooresville NC 28115, a church of over 200 years old with little to no insulation at all. They worked with the church on the budget of the church to get the entire church done and did not cut any corners. The installer team came in as they promised and worked very hard to get the work done and kept the church staff informed of the progress of the work and made sure that all was please with the work being done and did and amazing job on keeping the area clean and was clean when all was done. What an amazing job that was done by the USA insulation team. A big thanks you from ST. James Episcopal Church of Mooresville NC 28115 to the staff of USA Insulation for all your hard work and helping us insulates this 200 year old church. As of today we have noticed that it is much cooler and the cooling systems are now running only about half the time that they did before and the sound from the outside is no longer the problem. We would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a team that gets the job done right the first time.

- Dale Reed

USA employee’s were very professional and respectful, answered every question I had and explained their procedures. I am completely satisfied with the work and results of the job. Attic insulation removal and new insulation installed, great work! Thanks.

- David Shaver

David and his crew were at the job site in a timely manner. His crew were very knowledgeable of the job that they were doing (insulating the walls of my home built in 1902). I really recommend them if you need to insulate your home. They were very tidy and no mess was left behind. Everything was left in the order that was when they started. I will give the second part of this review after I see my power bill in a couple of months. Thank you guys, you did a great job.

- Madelynn Anduray

Extremely pleased with David and his team who have helped us properly insulate the older home we purchased. They took great care as they installed wall insulation and cleaned out old insulation, worked around our schedule and other service providers working in our home, and repeatedly made sure we were happy. Highly recommend USA Insulation!

- Cheryl Rose

USA Insulation of the Triad recently significantly upgraded the blown-in insulation in the unfinished attic area of my home in Bermuda Run, NC. As a result of this insulation contractor's timely performance, service and overall professionalism I recognize the results of their efforts and service with a 5-STAR rating. In doing so, I would add that this rating comes from a client who, pre-retirement was a home builder and former past President of the State of Maryland Building Industry Association. As a former builder I attach great value to a contractor's timely performance of every thing expected of and committed to by them, along with their employment of skilled and knowledgeable installation technicians, who understand customer appreciation for their leaving a well-cleaned work area once their work is completed. From this experience with USA Insulation of the Triad, I am convinced that the company's ownership and its representatives are motivated by the goal of under-promising and over-delivering. And, in furtherance of that goal, they succeed. Endorsement from: D. Stephen Seawright Highly Satisfied Customer of USA Insulation of the Triad

- Steve Seawright

I was contacted by USA Insulation after looking on Angie’s list for insulation installers for my steel garage. I received a call very promptly and scheduled an appointment. Justin came out and after asking what I was trying to achieve, explained to me all the options that were available. He was very knowledgeable of his industry and didn’t try to push a product on me I didn’t need. Although his company didn’t provide the solution I needed (closed cell spray foam), Justin represented the professionalism and honesty of a reputable company. This is rarely encountered in this day and age. If I ever need a service USA insulation does provide, They will definitely get my business.

- Jeff Hammonds

The experience with this company was excellent from the sales call by Justin to the service call by David and the team. Justin walked me through the process and explained exactly how the installation would be handled. I was originally going to pay cash for the service but after some other unexpected costs, I had to finance and Justin came back to my house the same day to handle the finance application. On the day of the install, the team arrived at the exact time they told me they would be there. They worked the entire day to remove the old insulation. It took them twice as long as expected because of the condition the old insulation was in and it was clogging the vacuum. They ended up having to shovel it and load it into bags to remove the it. Of course it was super hot and the attic does not have air conditioning. The were finally able to start blowing in the new insulation and ran out of materials because the size and structure of my attic took more material than was originally measured. All of this was done with NO additional charge to me. They stayed with the original quoted price!!! The team of four men, worked for 14 straight hours to complete the job. In addition to respecting my home and making sure to clean up all their materials, they also removed some baby raccoons that were nesting in my attic. I offered them water and food because they did not stop for meals and only stopped when they needed to cool down from being in the attic. At first they would not take the water but after being there longer than expected, they finally allowed me to be generous to them. I even offered to go get them some dinner because I was worried they would get sick from not eating all day. The said they would rather keep working to finish the job. This was an amazing experience with a great company. Thank you for all the hard work and I can already feel the difference in my homes temperature.

- Renee L.

I am very happy with the way this company worked at my home. They installed insulation in my walls, attic and l could tell a huge difference throughout my entire home. It was cooler, cut down on the noise outside was so happy. Not only that they cleaned up everything and all the workers are so polite and courteous. I was so very pleased with the work and the people. Great company, would use them again.

- Lee Shore

They installed insulation bringing our R factor to 49. They also added a barrier wall to reject the heat around my attic HVAC system. They were polite, industrious, and cared about doing a good job. We were impressed and recommend them highly. We were aware of our HVAC cost likely increasing exponentially in the future. And, now have great expectations of less costly home comfort.

- Greg Meurs

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