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Independence Day and the USA Way

It's that time of the year again where everyone dons their most patriotic wardrobe and the aroma of your father's one-of-a-kind ribs mingles with the scent of burning sparklers, filling the air. That's right, we're talking about Independence Day! Not surprisingly, it's our favorite holiday to celebrate. And who could blame us?

So what does Independence Day have to do with insulation? Besides taking place during a prime insulation season (FYI, insulation is great for the summer), nothing at all. However, itdoes have everything to do with the success of USA Insulation.

A time of celebration and reflection

Independence Day, or 4th of July, is celebrated as the birth of the United States of America. It's the day that we declared our independence from Britain in 1776, making the United States 240 years old! Our freedom from Britain allowed the United States to take shape and become a beacon of freedom and opportunity, paving the way to the American Dream. Fast forward to 1985, when USA Insulation's founder and owner Jeff Pitrone came up with the idea for his own American Dream. He envisioned helping homeowners during a time of energy crisis while providing high quality products and services.

Thanks to Jeff Pitrone's dream and hard work, it all paid off. USA Insulation became America's leading insulation expert and has been dominating the residential re-insulation market for over 30 years. Prouder yet, all of the products are entirely USA-made! With franchise locations continuing to open across the country, USA Insulation has upheld the hallmark of American patriotism by creating job opportunities and refusing to send any manufacturing jobs overseas.

USA Insulation has stayed ahead of the insulation game by having the finest insulation products available and by implementing a unique business approach called the USA Way. It distinguishes USA Insulation from every other insulation competitor out there. A few of the USA Way pledges are:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Care
  • Honesty, morality, and integrity

Now that you've brushed up on the history of your country (and your favorite insulation company), we don't expect you to start belting out the star-spangled banner but celebrate as you normally would with a newfound appreciation for the USA!


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