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Home Insulation: Make Sure It’s Part of Your Spring To-Do List

Are you already breathing a sigh of relief that winter’s behind us and spring is ahead? If you’re glad cold weather is a thing of the past because your home didn’t provide the heat necessary to stay comfortable, don’t exhale just yet. You see, if poor home insulation is at the root of the problem, you’re likely facing an uncomfortable summer, too.

How it works

Here’s how insulation functions to trap heat — whether it’s heat outside the home or inside the home:

  • Home insulation creates a solid barrier so that heat can’t move through the structure.
  • Without insulation, heat would simply move through the home’s building materials (its shell and walls) freely.
  • For many homes constructed prior to 1980, when insulation wasn’t required, heat is given free rein to move where it wants to.
  • With the right insulation in place, heat stays trapped in the home during winter.
  • In the summer, heat is prevented from moving into the home, so you stay cooler.

Summer fun or summer done?

It’s hard to think about stifling summer heat and humidity now that you’re embracing the fresh air and sunshine and gladly storing winter hats and coats away. Soon, however, you’ll be seeking refuge from the heat. If your home isn’t adequately insulated, that sanctuary won’t be your home.Get an insulation assessment to determine your home’s need for protection against heat transfer and ensure that your home is the cool haven you need it to be. With the right kind of premium foam insulation in place, you’ll not only be much more comfortable. You’ll save energy, too, as insulation drives cooling costs down by about 20 percent, according to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA).Now that spring’s officially here, open up your smartphone’s to-do app, and make a note to call your local home insulation experts. USA Insulation offers premium foam insulation to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!

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