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My sales rep was Sam, met at local gym. Got a competitive quote. Hired them. Install was quick and efficient. My utility bill dropped $361 a month, this paid for itself very quickly!

- Mark Moss

I am very happy with the work that USA Insulation did for my home. Sam, my salesman, did a good job of explaining the process and benefits. Casey and his crew did a thorough job and cleaned up very well after the work was done. I already notice a big improvement in the acoustics of my home, and I expect my heating and cooling bill to show some improvement as well. Thanks again guys,,,, Chip


I was very pleased with the whole process of insulating the interior walls of my home. The workmen were very neat and the foreman showed me pictures of the foam in the walls as they completed a section. Did my electric bill plummet? Yes! - $75 the first month in the heat of the summer.. Is my house quieter? Yes! The branch chipper across the street sounded like a noisy lawn mower from inside. Added bonus? Pipes insulated against freezing temperatures this winter..

- Marylee S. Thomason

Sam's presentation was exact & the crew delivered what was promised. Cleaned up the job very nicely. R38 & wall foam installed. I can already feel "no more drafts? With no heating on since yesterday outside temp is 41 inside is 66. Thank you

- Lou Mills

I live in an older property. Where insulation is really old and my AC / heat are on none stop year round. Sam (sales rep) clearly explained the product and process. Instalation crew came as promised and did a super good job. Took their time to explain the process and quality check their work after they were done. I had couple of questions and after installation minor yhibgs to address they came back and addressed my concerns. I recommend them to family and friends.

- Hady Salama

Sam was my salesman. Very professional guy, he had a good plan which Herman and Casey came out executed to the letter. The bottom line instead of my air conditioner running all the time it now cycles off for long periods of time during the day. They did this work over a month ago and I waited for a real hot day which we had yesterday and it was a first to put the thermostat to 75° and have it feel great inside and the A\C cycled off in the heat of the day. Great job

- neil petersen

My wife and I just bought a house in Denison, TX which was about 100 years old and a built on pier and beams. A month after we bought it the big freeze happened which caused all sorts of issues for us which led to the discovery that none of our exterior walls had insulation in it. We went through a few companies and were turned away because of the age of the house and the inability to get past the shiplap boards on the inside to blow in fiberglass insulation. The last company we tried referred us to USA Insulation and I am happy they did so. Immediately after the downstairs insulation was installed, there was a noticeable difference for us the day after. Normally our house had major draft spots in the dining room and stairway going to the second level, but that insulation stopped it and helped retain the temperature. It's currently 40 outside and I'm sitting cozy inside my house at 70 with my furnace not running nearly as much as it did before. Both and Sam and his crew were very friendly and professional, I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to update a 100-year-old house!

- Blake Werner

Casey, Herman and Frisco did an excellent job. They were professional, courteous, efficient and cleaned up very well after the work was finished. I would highly recommend the foam insulation product and the service.

- Tommy Grunnah

Daniel's crew showed up first thing this morning to insulate my garage. Very professional, organized and quick. When it was all done my wife wanted to see the work - but there was literally nothing to see. They cleaned up any of the pieces blown in that fell and did an excellent match job on the mortar to fill the holes in the wall for the foam in the wall. We'll be able to tell this weekend when I can actually work in the garage.

- Paul Giles

I have been very happy with the results that we achieved with foam in-wall insulation coupled with attic insulation. It resulted in impressive year-over-year drops in our electric bill during the hottest months.

- Todd Mitchell

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