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Our insulation installation process is quick and simple.

Most insulation materials—including cellulose, EPS boards, and fiberglass batting—only work for certain building materials. At USA Insulation, our proprietary injection foam works for almost every type of home building material. Not only is USA Premium Foam® Insulation one of the best and most effective insulation products on the market, it is also one of the most versatile and can typically be installed in less than a day without tearing apart your home. We can insulate just about any type of building, including:

  • Brick
  • Shingle / Shake
  • Block
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Stucco
  • Basement Walls

Our Step-by-Step Process

Step 1

Pre-Installation Walkthrough

On installation day, we'll start by walking through the interior and around the exterior of your home together, explaining our process and what to expect.

Step 2

Remove Siding (if applicable)

For homes with side paneling, we remove them on each section of wall.

Step 3

Drill Holes

Next, we drill small holes between each wall stud along the side of the home. For homes with brick, we’ll drill holes in the mortar to access the wall.

Step 4

Inject Foam

After drilling holes, we then insert a tube through the holes into the wall cavity and begin to pump in our USA Premium Foam Insulation.

Step 5

Fill Wall Cavities

We fill the wall cavity with the injection foam and it squeezes between gaps and crevices, forming an effective barrier. The insulation product hardens within minutes!

Step 6

Plug Holes & Reinstall Siding

After insulating, we plug each hole, or cover with matching mortar, and return the siding to the home with no visible difference. It'll look like we were never there.

Step 7

Post-Installation Walkthrough

We'll walk back through the interior and around the exterior with you, showing you exactly what we did and ensure that the finished product and clean-up meet your satisfaction.

"The installers, Bobby and Wyatt, were great. The worked fast, well, and incredibly cleanly. Couldn't be happier with the whole experience, from installation to repair. HIGHLY recommended."

Chris M., Dayton, OH

"I had USA Insulation come out and check out my home and give me an est...The Sales rep was very courteous and knowledgeable of how the product would help my home. I decided to move forward the Sales rep gave me a great deal with special that they were running that I didn't even know about. My project was scheduled and I was good to go. The day of the install I, unfortunately, was called into work so I called the office to let them know that I needed to reschedule, without any hesitation my job was rescheduled. The day of the install went like clockwork they showed up at the scheduled time and got it done. The Foreman answered all my question and the crew did an amazing job with the project and clean up .. Working with this company was a true pleasure and I would recommend them to anyone...Now after a long day, I get to go home to a comfortable home."

Stan W., Dayton, OH

"After a lot of research, I chose this quality product for my 1930s brick Craftsman home. Choosing a safe product and a local company was important to me. Steve was knowledgeable and answered ALL my questions. I felt the improvement in the warmth of my home before the process was complete. No issues with matching mortar. Highly recommended."

Ashley J., Dayton, OH

"We were very happy with our experience from our initial consultation to completion of the insulation. We were explained the entire process and had it scheduled the following week. From Day one we could tell a difference in our house. The temperature used to stay at 87 degrees all day and finally cool down about midnight. Now our house sits comfortably at 70 degrees all day. And our air conditioner doesn’t constantly run! We have seen a slight difference in our heating and cooling bills already as well. We should have gotten this done sooner!"

Elle S., Dayton, OH

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