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Costly Insulation Installation Mistakes

Insulation installation mistakes can put your entire investment in the upgrade at risk. If insulation isn’t installed perfectly, it will underperform, your home will be hot, and you’ll wonder why you put hard-earned money into the project.

Without an expert to install the insulation, you could commit one or more of these egregious errors:

  • Tools. If you don’t have the right tools—or experience using them—to get the job done, you could risk falling off a ladder, inhaling insulation, or cutting insulation so it doesn’t fit snugly into joists and studs.
  • Type. Insulating walls? Trying to stuff batts into the spaces will result in scrunched-up insulation that won’t perform. When the insulation is compressed, the very small air pockets inside the insulation that are designed to trap heat can’t perform. Renting a blower to install blown-in insulation in the attic? It’s a challenge to install a thick, level layer of insulation.
  • Gaps. Risk leaving gaps in between blanket insulation in the attic or floors, and the material won’t perform to manufacturer’s R-value. Heat will simply escape through the gaps and enter the home.
  • Utilities. Block utilities like plumbing, ductwork, electrical or lighting that runs through the attic and you’ll create a fire hazard.
  • R-value. Choose the wrong R-value for the insulation type you select, and you’ll entirely void your investment in the material.

It’s important to work with an expert insulation installer when choosing and installing insulation. Select an R-value that complies with building codes and regulations for your region, and with proper installation, you can trust it to perform. To schedule a free consultation or an appointment to evaluate your home’s existing insulation, contact USA Insulation today!

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