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3 Insulation Mistakes That Make Summer Comfort an Impossibility

Building technology has come a long way. And thank goodness! No longer do homeowners living in warm climates have to suffer through unbearably hot, sticky summers trying unsuccessfully to find refuge from the relentless conditions.Want to know the secret to surviving another summer? It has nothing to do with your air conditioning. The answer lives behind your home’s walls. Did you know that you can buy the most efficient AC on the market, but if your home’s insulation is non-existent, old or degrading, you’re essentially throwing energy dollars out the window with every cycle?Here are some insulation mistakes that could be lurking behind your walls:

  • Poor installation. Insulation batts, which are rolls of fiberglass insulation that fit between wall studs and floor joists, must be expertly installed. If they’re not tightly fitting in the structure, the gaps between insulation can facilitate heat transfer into the home.
  • Old insulation. Most insulation is designed to last for decades; however, once the insulation’s life span is reached, its performance decreases. Additionally, several factors can accelerate the life span, if the insulation gets wet or dirty. If you don’t know the condition of the insulation, you could be living unnecessarily with comfort problems due to deteriorating insulation.
  • Not enough insulation. Insulation codes have advanced in the last few decades. Prior to 1980, homes were typically constructed with much less insulation and lower R-values than today’s new homes. If your home is older, it could lack the insulation it needs to keep heat out of your home in the summer.

It’s easy to upgrade insulation in an existing home. With today’s technology and insulation advancements, installers can retrofit a home in just a couple of days without permanently destroying the exterior.Without a professional assessment, you’ll never know just what problems are hidden behind your home’s structure. Before you automatically assume that the air conditioner needs replaced, get in touch with USA Insulation’s experts to identify gaps in your insulation.

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