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Which Insulation Type Works Best? Batts or Injection Foam?

Fiberglass batts, loose fill, foam — these are just a few of the dizzying array of insulation types available on the market. In many scenarios, the best type of insulation to use depends on your home’s existing structure and previous insulation type. However, injection foam is quickly becoming the go-to favorite over fiberglass batts, which was regularly used in homes for many decades time. Find out why your home may be a good candidate for foam insulation when considering an upgrade.

Fiberglass batts

This material is much like a narrow blanket roll that easily unfolds to fit within the space of a wall stud or floor joist. However, ease of use is not a significant enough benefit to overcome its pitfalls, which include:

  • Loss of efficiency. If the batts have gaps between them, air infiltration occurs or condensation can destroy the insulation. In addition, if the length of the batt is cut too long to fit into the space, compression occurs, decreasing its efficiency.
  • Installation challenges can occur when the home’s framing is irregular or contains extra wood, requiring installers to cut intricate patterns and shapes to fit within challenging spaces. Installers must be careful to cut the batts precisely, without leaving too much or too little insulation, as poor installation can decrease performance.

Injection foam

A unique material that provides superior control over heat transfer, injection foam insulation offers a significant number of benefits. The expanding foam material:

  • Fits into any space.
  • Expands to fill in areas behind electrical outlets and wires.
  • Acts as an air barrier, preventing air infiltration.
  • Stops moisture.
  • Performs efficiently.
  • Reduces energy costs.
  • Encourages better indoor air quality.
  • Is environmentally friendly.
  • Works well to retrofit homes with insulation.
  • Doesn’t settle, an action that is common with other insulation types to decrease performance.

There’s much more to know about insulation types. Learn the best options for your home by contacting USA Insulation today for a free consultation!

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