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What’s Better: Upgrading Your A/C or Boosting Insulation?

It’s an age-old question that’s largely been hidden from homeowners living in warmer climates: Is it better to upgrade A/C or home insulation? Air conditioning is such a given, that it’s easy to see its value. Insulation’s contribution is not as apparent, however. Hidden behind walls and ceilings, inefficient insulation could be the cause of your high energy bills and discomfort.

Higher-efficiency A/Cs

Even with a high-efficiency air conditioner at work in your home, you could still suffer from stuffy conditions, warm rooms and high utility bills. You see, even with the best-performing A/C in your home, you can’t overcome poor insulation conditions. If the home isn’t protected by an efficient barrier that stops outside heat from entering your home, the cool air your system generates isn’t given a fighting chance to overcome the heat energy.

Up-to-snuff insulation

Take a look at how the well-insulated home differs with a quality air conditioner running inside of it. With a tightly sealed and insulated exterior, the air conditioner can live up to expectations, generating cooled air and dehumidifying the space, without having to overcome heat and humidity infiltration.

The answer is…

If you’re tired of dealing with hot, sticky, humid summers, don’t assume the answer to the age-old question of how to improve comfort lies with the air conditioner. It’s not always best to upgrade the A/C. In fact, if you give tired, worn insulation the boot and install up-to-code, efficient foam insulation in your walls, you might be able to keep the existing A/C and it could perform beyond your wildest dreams.There’s no need to work through the question of whether to upgrade your A/C or boost insulation alone. Contact the professionals at USA Insulation today for a free consultation. We’re happy to help evaluate your home as a system and talk to you about the best options for improving comfort and utility bills.

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