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What You Could Have Saved on Your Cooling Bills

You know it’s coming every summer. Once the air conditioner starts running, you brace yourself for higher and higher electricity bills. While it’s a necessary evil and must-have for comfort, air conditioning is costly. Here’s what you could have saved on your cooling bills – if you would have upgraded your home’s insulation.

The consequences of an inefficient home

How much do you pay each month for air conditioning? $40? $60? $100? Every month that your air conditioner acts like a gas-guzzling car from the 1970s, it’s like tossing ten-dollar bills out the window. There’s an easy way you could have stashed that money away, instead of spending it on air conditioning.You see, poor insulation in your walls, attic and basement puts a huge load on your expensive home equipment. A lack of up-to-code insulation means the A/C will generate cool air that the home can’t keep inside. It also adds a hidden operating cost. Here’s how:

  • Think about your home’s perimeter. If it doesn’t stop the home from losing cool air, the air conditioner will run longer and work harder to keep you cool.
  • Every minute longer that the A/C runs unnecessarily is one more minute off the system’s life span. The air conditioner is manufactured to run a limited number of hours. In effect, working it too hard means it won’t last as long. Go ahead and throw a few more hard-earned dollars out the window.
  • As it reaches its useful service life, the air conditioner will start breaking down. Now, you’re paying for repairs. Chalk up some more money toward operating the unit.
  • Working the air conditioner harder and longer means you’ll need to replace the filter more often and maybe even swap out a worn fan or motor for a new one. Put another notch in the expense column for the A/C.

You could have largely avoided all of these extra expenses, along with the money that went toward higher electricity bills, with one simple project: an insulation upgrade.Find out if your home is unnecessarily guzzling electricity and your air conditioner using up its service hours. Contact the experts at USA Insulation and schedule a free home consultation.

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