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What Is an Energy Audit and Why Should I Get One?

"An assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time. You could save 5 to 30 percent on your energy bill by making efficiency upgrades identified in your home energy audit." - U.S. Department of Energy

Home energy audits assess the energy efficiency of a building and are the key to saving money on many homeowner's most costly expense — the energy bill. The U.S. Department of Energy finds that on average, American homeowners spend more than $2,000 a year on electricity; heating and cooling contributes to nearly 50 percent of the overall bill.

Locating Air Leaks is the Most Important Piece of the Energy-Efficiency Puzzle

Have you ever heard your heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system kick on and off multiple times throughout the day? Well, it's likely because your home is experiencing significant air leakage, causing your system to function inefficiently. Ultimately, it means your HVAC system has to work twice as hard to maintain a steady temperature throughout your home.

An energy auditor carefully examines the entire home inside and out, room by room. They use specialized equipment to perform assessments like the blower door test, where they locate possible air infiltration by depressurizing the house.

Parts of the home energy auditors test for air leaks:

  • Walls
  • Attic
  • Windows
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Eaves

The All-In-One Solution to Solve All Your Air Infiltration Problems

Most homes built before 1980 were not required to be adequately insulated. That means nearly 80 million American homeowners are suffering from high energy bills due to a lack of efficient insulation.

One homeowner in Ohio reached out to USA Insulation for help because he said his furnace was running nonstop, all winter long. No matter how hot he set the thermostat, the home couldn't retain the heat. The case was the same with his air-conditioning system during the summer months.

USA Insulation teamed up with Green Planet Property Inspections to perform an energy audit. We found that the homeowner's HVAC system was in mint condition, but the home's walls, floors, and attic had little-to-no insulation, allowing controlled air to escape through main entryways like doors and windows. Thankfully, we were able to decrease the Ohio home's air leakage by more than 50 percent by installing USA Premium Foam® Insulation in the wall cavities.

See the results for yourself in the video below:

We gave this Ohio homeowner peace of mind.

Traditional insulation only reduces a home's air leakage by 20 to 30 percent. But installing USA Premium Foam® Insulation decreased this home's air infiltration by more than 50 percent.

USA Premium Foam Insulation is actually 35 percent more effective than traditional insulation products like cellulose and fiberglass. Most importantly, it significantly decreases your home's overall energy consumption, saving you tons on your electricity bill. But it's helpful in so many other areas, too.

Our Premium Foam suppresses outside noise by up to 80 percent. It also acts as a barrier that prevents outdoor allergens from entering, a great way to survive allergy season. It's proprietary makeup even prevents flames from spreading in case of a fire. And the best part is that installation is extremely easy, only a one- to two-day process.

So, if you're looking to dramatically decrease the amount of money you spend on electricity, get an energy audit, locate any air leaks and re-insulate your home. You can thank us later.

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