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Warm Ideas for Shorter, Colder Days

It’s inevitable that every fall the days become shorter and definitely colder. But that doesn’t have to be the case inside your home. As the sunlight diminishes and there’s less time in the day before darkness enshrouds, here are some ways to stay bright and cozy:

  1. Layer up. You don’t have to don an extra-large, bulky sweater that prohibits your movement. Adding a few thin layers helps keep heat close to your body.
  2. Grab a hot drink. But choose decaffeinated beverages. Caffeinated drinks actually cause your body to lose heat.
  3. Move around. Get your blood pumping, which increases the flow of blood to your skin and makes you feel warmer.
  4. Winterize your home. Keep the cooler fall and brisk winter air outside, where it belongs, by wrapping your home in a winterized sweater. Improving the insulation in your walls and attic helps keep cold air out and warm air in.
  5. Stop the drafts. Even with efficient insulation, your home can still feel cool if air leaks occur in the home’s exterior shell. Stop drafts by applying weatherstripping around windows and doors and fill gaps with caulk.
  6. Use the sun. When the sun peaks out from behind the clouds, take advantage of its heat. Open blinds and curtains to get an extra blast of warmth.
  7. Flip the switch – on your ceiling fan. In the summer, ceiling fans create a wind-chill effect. Operate them in reverse, going clockwise, to push warm air that rises to the top of the room downward.

It’s not easy to see behind ceilings, walls and finished attics, but it’s well worth it. Hiring an expert to assess your insulation this fall isn’t a job you’ll need to do every year. Once you know what’s lurking in the attic, walls and basement, you can make the necessary upgrades that will last for years.Get more information about insulation upgrades after performing a fall insulation check. Contact USA Insulation today for help. We are the leaders in injection foam insulation for retrofits.

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