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Wall Insulation: Do You Know What Lurks Behind Your Home’s Structure?

It’s not just homeowners in the North that need wall insulation. While having enough wall insulation offers protection from bitter cold, homeowners in warm regions — and even northerners in the summer — depend on insulation to stop heat transfer into the home.

But how do you know if your home has any wall insulation or enough wall insulation? Without insulation lining the walls, the cooling your air conditioning generates will move out of the vents, into the rooms and right out of the home. This is not an energy-efficient approach to cooling.

Finding a solution

If you want to know what’s behind your walls, you need to schedule a home evaluation and determine if an insulation retrofit is recommended. With an infrared scan of your home, an insulation pro can see into the walls without making a single scratch or hole in the home’s interior or exterior to do so.

You see, the infrared scanning equipment employs thermal imaging to detect areas where cool air is escaping the home, and locations where heat is moving into the home. This thermal scan pinpoints precisely where insulation is completely lacking or areas where insulation exists but needs replaced or upgraded.

Signs your insulation isn’t getting the job done

It’s likely that your home is lacking wall insulation if you notice any of these problems:

  • Higher-than-normal energy bills in the summer.
  • Some rooms are too hot; others are too cold.
  • Your home was built prior to 1980, when building codes for insulation were non-existent.
  • You can easily hear neighbors and other street noise.

There’s no reason to be a victim to what you don’t know. Find out what’s lurking behind your home’s structure, and upgrade wall insulation to remedy comfort problems, high energy costs and noise issues. For more information about wall insulation, contact USA Insulation today!

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