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USA Insulation Supports Veterans

Since 1919, November 11th has been recognized as a day to commemorate the brave men and women who choose to serve our country in the armed forces. President Woodrow Wilson introduced the commemorative holiday on the first anniversary of the cease-fire that marked the end of World War I hostilities.

Here at USA Insulation, we honor our veterans every day. We may not host a parade, as is traditional, but we support returning veterans to become business leaders when they return from active service.

Veterans make excellent franchise owners

Veterans have a particular set of skills that prepare them for the challenges and rewards of franchise ownership. We are proud to recognize not only their service but also the skills they bring to our economy.

Ability to lead

Leadership is critical to being a franchise owner. Veterans develop exceptional leadership skills during their service that prepare them for the challenges of business ownership. Being able to work as a team, inspire others and overcome challenges with precision and confidence will help veteran owners grow their businesses successfully.

Ability to follow procedures

Military training also instills an ability to understand and follow instructions, which helps many veterans to build viable businesses using a franchise system. In fact, we have the confidence that veterans following our proven business model have the potential to build their businesses beyond what they believe is possible.

Ability to work under pressure

While USA Insulation owners don’t face the dangerous situations that our brave service people learn to operate in, the ability to think on their feet, assess situations, and make level-headed decisions under pressure are important skills for business owners to have.

VetFran Membership

We are proudly a member of VetFran, an organization started in 1991 to honor the veterans returning from the first Gulf War. It is a network of over 650 franchise brands that offer discounts and valuable resources such as mentorship and training for returning veterans with aspirations of business ownership.

USA Insulation is a brand born out of a sense of patriotism and that legacy has continued for over 30 years. We are honored to have franchise owners that are U.S. Military Veterans. We’re proud to honor and support our veterans and their families as they transition into civilian life by providing a discounted franchise fee of 5%, lowering the initial investment for veterans to start their business.

If you’re interested in franchise ownership, you can research our unique opportunity or contact a franchise development professional to see what opportunities are available in your area.

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