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Top 5 Signs That You Need Insulation This Summer

Things have really heated up now that summer is in full swing —and it's not just the temperature outdoors. It's the temperature indoors, too! Do you and your home suffer from these summertime symptoms?

  1. Your home is too hot and humid even when the air conditioning is running.
  2. You need to set your thermostat low…and lower.
  3. Your energy bills are higher than you expect.
  4. Outside noises like kids playing, lawnmowers running, and dogs barking are too loud.
  5. Your home was built before 1980.

If you answered "Yes" to one or more of these questions…you probably have a poorly insulated home. The good news is that you can have your home foam insulated-without tearing up your walls—and can solve all those issues! Injected as a liquid through small holes drilled into the outside walls of your home, foam insulation fills the wall cavities and instantly hardens into a solid barrier against heat and cold entering the home and expensive conditioned air escaping.

Foam insulation works on most types of home surfaces—vinyl and aluminum siding, stucco, brick, wood, block and shingle. It goes over existing insulation and provides complete coverage as it is filling the wall cavity.

So…How do you cool down a hot and humid house? Foam Home!How can you relax instead of running to the thermostat constantly to keep the AC going? Foam HomeHow can you lower your energy bills by consuming less energy? Foam Home!How can you enjoy peace and quiet in your house even when the neighbors are making a racket? Foam Home!And what can you do to insulate your house if it was built before insulation was required (1980)? Foam Home!Homes that are poorly insulated, or nor insulated at all, can be returned to comfortably cool temperatures just by adding foam insulation to the walls.This summer, go on and enjoy the heat….OUTDOORS, not INDOORS!

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