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Top 3 ways insufficient insulation can ruin your home

As we head into the latter part of the summer, we think it’s important to begin thinking about how to protect your house from the changing weather. That’s right—it’s time to get serious about insulating your home! If you didn’t insulate during the summer, don’t make the same mistake again. Have you ever thought about what insufficient insulation can be doing to your home? If you haven’t, you should!

Take a look at the top 3 ways insufficient insulation can ruin your home:

  1. Creating structural damage
    When insulation settles due to age, or when not installed properly, it can create gaps within the walls of your home. These gaps can create an inviting environment to a host of home-loving critters, like termites. Yikes! What happens next is what every homeowner dreads—paying off costly exterminator and repair bills instead of taking that nice vacation at the end of the year.
  2. Mold
    With an exception of overpriced cheese, there’s rarely a situation where mold is welcomed. The one element that’s essential to mold growth is—you guessed it—moisture! One of the best ways to keep moisture out of your home is by having quality insulation. If that insulation fails, your home becomes vulnerable as humidity settles within your walls, breeding mold. Areas within your home that become susceptible are your attic and crawl space.

Generally speaking, there needs to be a natural movement of air throughout your home. Essentially, your home needs to be able to “breathe,” and blocking its ability to breathe can result in humidity caused by everyday living and breathing within your home. As heat moves upward and finds there’s nowhere to escape because of bad attic insulation, it settles at the top, creating condensation. We all know what happens next. Yep, mold! When insulating your attic, make sure you do so properly by hiring an insulation expert.

  1. Ruining your paint job
    If you’ve recently had the exterior of your house painted, you’re likely worried about wear and tear from the outside elements—not those from the inside. However, when humidity finds its way into insufficient insulation, it can build up within the walls and adversely affect not only the interior but exterior paint, too! The paint will become uneven and bubbled, eventually peeling off if the problem goes untreated. Hiring an insulation expert, like USA Insulation, will provide you with a way to help keep your home looking its best, inside and out, while saving you energy in the process! It’s a win-win.

Do any of these problems sound familiar to you? If so, don’t wait another day to contact your local insulation experts for a FREE in-home consultation!

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