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Thinking about DIY insulation? Don’t do it.

If you’re tired of being too cold or too hot at home, running your AC or furnace all the time, and paying enormous energy bills, it’s time to consider re-insulating your home.

You might even be tempted to do it yourself. There’s something kind of appealing about those big rolls of fluffy pink insulation at your local hardware store. And how hard can it be, right?

Well, doing it right requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Here are five good reasons to leave it to the professionals.

1. You don’t know anything about insulation

Why would you? Insulation isn’t a DIY project that people Instagram about or make inspiration boards on Pinterest. It’s the stuff that lines your house attic, walls and crawl spaces to keep your expensive warm or cool air inside and the weather outside where it belongs.

As a result:

  • You don’t know about the different kinds of insulation
  • You don’t know how to correctly install insulation
  • You don’t know how to test that you’ve installed it correctly

2. You don’t have the tools

Insulating a home correctly requires certain tools that most DIY-ers don’t have access to. So, you’ll either spend too much money on tools that will most likely only be used once or you do the best you can with the tools in your shed.

3. You don’t know the tricks of the trade for installation

Insulation creates a barrier between the weather outside and the inside of your home. Professional installers know that allowing for air circulation is important to protecting your home and install ventilation devices like baffles to allow sufficient airflow in your home. Installers are trained and experienced in the tricks of the trade to make sure your home is carefully and efficiently insulated.

4. You’re not a licensed home inspector

Before insulation is installed, your home should be carefully inspected for signs of mold, mildew and infestation. It’s also important to ensure that any structural repairs and upgrades are taken care of before you start.

5. Your choices in product are limited

If you try to install insulation on your own, you are limited to what you can buy at your local hardware store. This means that you miss out on the most efficient and effective form of insulation available today – USA Premium Foam® Insulation.

Your best choice for insulation

While DIY can be a lot of fun, you should leave insulation to the professionals. USA Insulation offers proprietary foam insulation that has a higher R-value than the competition, which means that it is better at keeping the outside conditions out where they belong and your heated or cooled air in your home.

Our foam insulation is injected into your walls with no fuss or mess from the outside of your home. In fact, the only way you’ll know we were there at all is that your home will be much more comfortable and your energy bills will be lower since you won’t be running your furnace or air conditioning nearly as much.

If you’re ready to be more comfortable at home and save money on your energy bills, contact us today to schedule a free home insulation inspection.

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