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The Secret to Surviving Allergy Season.

Spring is fast approaching, and so is allergy season. Around this time of year, nearly 50 million people across the nation suffer from coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes or a runny nose. Allergies are no joke; if you're a victim, you know just how badly they can affect your all-day comfort.

Allergy season begins from January to April in warmer states like Florida and California. As the days become longer so does the grass, which means pollen starts to spread. In the Deep South - places like Texas and New Mexico - tree pollens begin to surface in February, while grass pollen in the mid-Atlantic starts to pick up immediately after.

No matter what side of the country you're on, by this time of year, everything from your shoes to the streets is coated in that familiar yellow powder we all love to hate. Mold, tree, grass and weed pollen are the most common triggers of seasonal allergies.

There are several ways to survive the whirlwind that is allergy season. But there's one way to ensure your family is comfortable where it counts - at home.

Safeguard your home with USA Premium Foam® Insulation.

USA Premium Foam Insulation drastically improves the air quality of your home by blocking pesky outside allergens from entering. Our foam creates a barrier in your existing walls by filling every crack and crevice, leaving no space for outdoor air to enter your home and conditioned air to escape. Best of all, we don't need to break down any walls to do it. You can expect a clean and easy installation completed in less than a day.

Let's put things into perspective.

Insulation blocks more than just allergens from entering your home.

Three-fourths of your home's energy consumption is from heating and cooling. Efficient insulation blocks outside air from coming inside, saving you thousands on your energy bill a year. And reducing your energy consumption translates to lessening your overall carbon footprint. Studies show that if homes across the world were properly insulated, it would take only 10 years to see a reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Experts say a properly insulated home could amount to:

  • 110,000 less sick days every year
  • 230 less premature deaths every year
  • 6,500 fewer asthma attacks every year

USA Premium Foam Insulation even helps to reduce noise.

Secret no more.

The secret to surviving allergy season is a happier and healthier home.

Let USA Insulation - the industry leader - help you get there.

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