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Take the Brrrr Out of Your Home

In the winter, chilly outside air causes homeowners across the country to seek refuge in their homes. But what if your home is anything but a haven from the cold? How can you get the “brrr” out of your home and usher in warmth instead?

The problem might not lie where you’d naturally think: with the furnace. You see, if your home’s wall and attic insulation is not up to par, the furnace won’t get the job done – no matter how efficiently it runs.

Wall insulation

Your home’s exterior should be wrapped with effective insulation. If it’s not, heat inside your home will simply move through the walls and escape outdoors. Just like your mother used to say when you’d leave the door open, are you trying to heat the outdoors? That’s essentially what you’re doing when your home meets these criteria:

  • The wall insulation is missing, not up to code or old and worn out.
  • You run the furnace.

Let’s rule out the second one right away. Once winter rolls around, your home needs heat! But there is something you can do about insulation. Injecting foam insulation in the walls will create the thermal barrier your family needs to stay warm.

Attic insulation

When attic insulation is lacking, your home loses heat. Here’s what happens: Heat naturally rises. So as heat energy wafts up to the top of the home, if there’s no insulation to stop it from leaving the home, it’ll escape through the attic and roof. Your heater continues to run, releasing more heat that is again lost through the attic. It’s a vicious cycle that wastes energy and dollars. Thoroughly upgrading the attic with insulation that’s up to code will put a stop to this needless energy loss that affects your home comfort.

Stop the unnecessary energy loss. Talk to an expert about your home’s insulation. At USA Insulation, we can help you evaluate your home’s insulation needs and talk to you about injection foam insulation installations, a unique way to pump insulation into the walls without damaging the home.

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