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Stop Attic Condensation From Ruining Your Home

You can’t help the weather.Freezing cold temperatures.Warm spells.Moisture.Combined, these factors create hazardous conditions inside your home.It’s all out of your hands.Or is it? Certain winter conditions are within your control, especially if your attic suffers from condensation.You know those cute little icicles hanging from your roof’s eaves? There’s nothing cute about them. They’re a sign that your attic could be suffering from condensation – and worse, your roof could be leaking and rotting.

The 1 winter danger you need to know about

Here’s what happens:

  • Snow forms on the roof.
  • The weather takes a turn, as it inevitably will, for the better. You ditch the winter jacket and revel in the sunshine. The snow on your roof begins to melt.
  • But the next day, it’s below freezing again. All of that melting snow refreezes at the roof’s eaves, because it’s colder at its outer edges. This portion of the attic doesn’t get as much heat as the rest.
  • The cycle continues as the weather fluctuates, with the snow melting and refreezing. The block of ice forming at the eaves, called an ice dam, causes moisture to move back up the roof and can seep down into the attic.
  • That’s where attic condensation begins.
  • As condensation forms on the attic’s cold surfaces, it’ll rot the wood.

Preventing attic condensation

There are a few steps you can take to stop the problem:

  • Make sure kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans aren’t routed into the attic. They’ll only bring more humidity to the space.
  • Regulate the attic’s temperature. Use ventilation to keep the temperature consistent and avoid heat buildup that melts snow on the roof.
  • Insulate and air seal. Injection foam insulation kills two birds with one stone: It creates an airtight barrier and maintains a consistent temperature.

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