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Shopping local not only benefits you but your home, too!

The trend for buying locally made products and supporting local businesses is growing andit’s a great way to buy USA-made products that are grown or made close to home. You may have your own reasons for buying American-made products, but let’s review some of the benefits.

Why USA-Made benefits you

  • American-made products tend to be higher quality products. You know that when you buy American you are investing in quality – and remember – you typically get what you pay for.
  • American manufacturing is held to some of the strictest health and safety laws in the world as well as stringent consumer testing. This means that not only are the people making your products employed in a safe environment, but you buy safer products.
  • American- and locally-made products offer environmental benefits as well. When products are shipped overseas, the carbon footprint is bigger because of the fuel needed to transport by air or sea.
  • Buying American- and locally-made also supports the economy of both the United States and your local community.

How to buy local

If you’re inspired to support your local economy and American businesses, there are plenty of options available that will benefit local businesses.

  1. Shop at local farmers’ markets

You can buy fresh produce at your local farmers’ market. Most markets include seasonal fruit and vegetables, prepared foods, and baked goods. When you buy your produce at a farmers’ market you are buying directly from farmers near your community. This means that money and fuel isn’t wasted to ship the produce to your town and the farmer receives a fair price for his fruit and vegetables. Since you’re buying directly from the grower, you can learn more about how the produce is grown, if it’s organic, and get great ideas on how to prepare a delicious meal.

  1. Clothing companies

There are plenty of apparel companies that source their materials from within the United States and manufacture their products domestically. Even if you don’t have a local store that stocks American-made brands, most of these companies sell directly to consumers via the internet. Not only does this support American commerce, but it also takes a stand against cheap, disposable fashion that is not only poor-quality, but often made in unsafe working environments.

  1. Handcrafted goods for your home

You can also support local artists and craftsmen to furnish and decorate your home. You can find truly beautiful and unique pieces for your home. Local craftsmen may also be willing to work with you to create a bespoke piece of furniture to meet your exact specifications.

  1. Insulating your home

If you care about what you put into your body, what you put on your body and what you surround yourself with, why not also invest in American-made insulation? USA Insulation not only creates local jobs but also manufactures its premium foam insulation in Cleveland, Ohio.

Best of all, insulating your home with USA Premium Foam® Insulation provides maximum savings and comfort for you and your family.

Insulating your home with USA Insulation’s premium foam will help to keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and save you money on your energy bills all year long. USA Insulation provides homeowners with premium insulation products in 26 locations around the country.
If you’re interested in making your home more comfortable and saving money on your energy bills while supporting a local business, contact us to request a free home-energy consultation and to learn more about USA Insulation.

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