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Our Customers Love Us for a Reason

At USA Insulation, we live and breathe our company's core values. And it shows.

USA Insulation Core Values:

  • We Care
  • We Get It Done
  • We Get It Right
  • We Do the Right Thing

While we love talking about our proprietary USA Premium Foam® Insulation, we think it's time to highlight something we love more — our customers. So, we wanted to share some of the amazing experiences we've had with all of you.


"We had a wonderful experience with USA Insulation from the initial visit with Dennis to the actual installation. The office staff kept us informed from when someone would be arriving and called us during the actual installation to make sure there were no issues. The workers were very professional, respectful and very thorough in cleaning up around the house. We have already recommended USA Insulation to a few of our friends. Thank you for a job well done."

Leanne P.
Pittsburgh, PA

At USA Insulation, we welcome questions. We want you to feel comfortable and like you're getting the most value for your investment. So, we make sure you're well informed the whole way through, from initial visit to installation and beyond. Because we really do care.


"After getting our home insulated we noticed that it blocked out a lot of outside noise. In addition, a few days after the house was insulated the temperature dropped to 25 degrees at night and our furnace only kicked on about once an hour and ran only a few minutes. Prior to the insulation it came on more and ran longer. We are happy we had it done."

Steve Z.
Cleveland, OH

We are proud to say that our product does exactly what we say it does. USA Premium Foam is one of the highest-performing products on the market, boasting a 35 percent higher R-Value than traditional types of insulation like cellulose and fiberglass. And, it's the reason our customers experience an immediate difference after installation.


"Did a great job of dealing with our unique attic situation. When they ran into problems, they adjusted the plan accordingly. I think that is the sign of a great company. The owner and installers were all very polite and answered questions patiently."

Melody H.
Jacksonville, FL

Not every job we complete is easy. Sometimes we hit a few snags along the way, but we are more than happy to work with you to ensure the job is not only completed but done right. That's why we make sure to thoroughly train our installers so that no matter how difficult the process may seem, you feel comfortable trusting us in your home.

"Quality of work was an exceptional value for the price. We got 4 bids from different contractors and chose USA insulation based on the scope of work and price they offered us. They completed the whole job in a day. We noticed an immediate difference in room temperature, especially with rooms where the foam injection was completed."

Andrew H.
Central MD


"Before they started the workers inspected the job and determined that they would have a better time of it by installing from the outside. This did not alter the price of the job. It was also nice because I have a disabled veteran living in the house and the dust would have been bad for him."

Thomas M.
Philadelphia, PA

We don't just do what we think is best; we do what we think is best for you. Our installers are trained to evaluate every home and make adjustments accordingly. It's your home, so you should have the best outcome possible for your individual situation.


At the end of the day, hundreds of thousands of homeowners deal with the same problem: Temperatures differ in separate rooms of the house and the heating or air-conditioning system seems to be running all day long. What you don't realize is that your HVAC is actually working twice as hard as it should, using an excessive amount of energy and running up the electricity bill. It's a pleasure for us to see our efforts are not only put to good use but appreciated, too.

"Since we had USA insulation apply foam, our heat bill has dropped by $50.00. Outside noise has been reduced by over 60 percent. Very happy and well worth the money spent."

Joel F.
Indianapolis, IN

One of our greatest joys is saving our customers money. Even better, the money they save can go right back into the important things, like snacks for family game night. So, from all of us at USA Insulation, thank you for welcoming us into your homes.

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