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Mother’s Day and Insulation: Treat Your Family Right This Summer

It’s not a traditional Mother’s Day gift, but it could be one of the most significant gifts you get your loved one.Insulation is one of the biggest drivers of home comfort. Opposite of what many homeowners believe, the air conditioner is just one part of the comfort equation. This year, treat your family to optimal home comfort when the hot weather hits. Be sure that your home’s insulation can keep heat out and let the cool air inside thrive.


When most people think of insulation, they think about the fluffy pink stuff that rolls out to fit between wall studs and floor joists. That’s your grandmother’s insulation.

Today’s insulation has improved in many ways. Better installation and higher R-values make injection foam insulation a go-to choice for homeowners upgrading their home insulation. Here’s how it works:


The injection foam is pumped into the structure as a liquid. The pressure of the pump forces the liquid foam insulation to get around electrical outlets, behind pipes and wires, and into crevices. It provides comprehensive access to all of the spaces in your home’s walls, effectively creating an airtight seal and hardening within seconds. Other insulation types, like the pink batts, require very careful installation to properly cut the insulation to fit in awkward spaces and to avoid gaps that let heat into the home in summer.


Injection foam insulation provides a superior R-value rating over other commonly used insulation types like cellulose, fiberglass and rockwool. It outperforms these insulations with a 35 percent higher R-value, as it’s rated R-5.1 at 72 degrees per inch. It gets even better performance in colder weather. In addition, the material completely fills in the structure and doesn’t gap, delivering a higher efficiency.

Give your loved one the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year. With a better picture of how newer insulation works, ditch the pink stuff and choose injection foam insulation. For more information about insulating your home, contact USA Insulation today!

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