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Memorial Day Marks Start of “Sizzling Hot” Summer, According to Farmers’ Almanac

If you thought this winter brought miserable weather, just wait till summer! One of the coldest and snowiest winter's in history will be followed by a "scorcher" of a summer according to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the publication both farmers and city folk alike have depended on for long range weather predictions for over 200 years. It says to be prepared for "record-breaking sizzle"-especially from the nation's Heartland to the East Coast-that will result in "High power bills from increased air conditioning use for many of us." Last September 2013, the Almanac predicted a winter of bitter cold and heavy snow. Right on!

For USA Insulation's Metro Washington D.C. location, the publication predicts "red-hot heat in the beginning of June—before summer even officially begins! The rise in the mercury will be unrelenting with the highest temperatures hitting early to mid-July and early to mid-August. With above-average rainfall…the nation's capital will seem downright tropical."

With locations from Omaha to our nation's capital, here's how USA Insulation's other regions break down:

In the Atlantic Corridor (Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.), it will be a hotter than normal summer with the hottest period being from June through mid-August.

The Appalachian region will be hotter than normal this summer and especially hot from mid-June to mid-July.

The Lower Lake Region (Akron, Dayton, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis) will also experience a hotter than normal summer, with the hottest being from mid-June to late August.

In the Ohio Valley (Cincinnati, Columbus), again, a hotter than normal summer and hottest from mid-June to mid-July.

Finally, in our nation's Heartland (Iowa): hotter than normal and hottest from early July to late August.

Some people love the heat! It means days at the beach, suntans, fishing and boating, and all sorts of fun summer activities!

However, nobody likes to come back to a hot home. Of course, you can keep the air conditioner pumping expensive cool air into the home day and night while using an overload of energy and jacking up the cost of your energy bills! You can carry a fan around the house with you…or maybe a glass of cool water to poor over your head every minute or two.

Of course, another solution is to have your home insulated with a product that works. Studies show that adequate insulation is the single most important factor in keeping the heat out and the cool in—the reason being your walls and attic floor account for about 80% of your home's envelope!

In the meantime, have a great Memorial Day Weekend, and enjoy the hot dogs before the hot dog days of summer arrive!

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