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March Madness Begins: Who’s on Your Home’s Winning Team?

If Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Christian Laettner and Lew Alcindor make up the ultimate starting five in the NCAA tournament, who would be the best players on your home’s team? When energy efficiency’s the goal, you need these five players on your home team: the heating and cooling system, windows, ductwork, air sealing and insulation.

  • Insulation. Without effective wall insulation in your home, the other systems will basically run out of steam. You see, wall insulation is like the point guard of the team, directing the players so that you stay comfortable inside the home.
  • Air sealing. Working in tandem with the insulation point guard, air sealing is like the shooting guard on your team. When adding insulation to the walls, choose injection foam, which creates an airtight barrier and adds thermal capacity to the walls. In the attic, air seal the walls before upgrading insulation to create an efficient space.
  • HVAC system. You need an efficient HVAC system. But that doesn’t mean it has to be top of the line to perform. You don’t have to invest tons of money into the furnace and A/C, but you do need to invest in seasonal maintenance to keep the system running well.
  • Ductwork. An ineffective ductwork system can leak as much as 30 percent of the conditioned air generated by the HVAC equipment. That’s a lot of lost air that should make it to your living spaces. The next time you schedule HVAC service, ask the technician to evaluate the efficiency of the ducts.
  • Windows. The last player on your home’s efficiency team, if your windows are very old, consider upgrading them or using a window-sealing kit to boost performance.

When the Big Dance begins this month on March 15, think about the team you’ve created for your family. Don’t build an energy-wasting team. Make sure your players work together and create synergy among them. For help getting insulation up to par, contact USA Insulation today!

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