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Nazareth, PA 
Home Insulation Company

Reinsulate Your Home in Nazareth
with USA Insulation

Insulation Services in Nazareth, PA

No more sweltering summers or freezing winters - our insulation service in Nazareth, PA is the key to year-round comfort. With our blown-in attic insulation and air-sealing techniques, we ensure that your home remains at the perfect temperature, no matter the season.

That's why your house needs top-notch insulation services to keep heating or cooling bills low and save you the headache of living in an uncomfortable home environment. But you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best. That's where we come in. USA Insulation offers the below services as well as whole-home insulation to protect your house from extreme temperatures. Say goodbye to extreme heat or cold and hello to a comfortable oasis. Don't wait, unlock the key to year-round comfort now!

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Why do you need to 
reinsulate your home?

Lower Energy Bills

Lower Energy Bills

It has been shown that installing USA Premium Foam Insulation in your walls results in savings on your energy bills!

A Healthier Home

A Healthier Home

Protecting your home with USA Insulation will lower your energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Live Comfortably

Live Comfortably

Increasing insulation reduces the heat exchange, maintaining a more consistent level of comfort throughout your home year-round!

Captain Comfort

Ready for a more comfortable home?

USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation Benefits


Higher R-Value

A material's insulation properties are rated as "R-Value." "R" stands for resistance. Our USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation is 35% more efficient than the competition.


Improves Indoor Air Quality

Having USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation in your walls contributes to the overall comfort and health of everyone in your home.


Best Fire & Smoke Rating

USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation in your walls actually acts as a fire barrier that will retard the spread of flames in your home.


Clean & Quick Installation

Having USA Premium Injection Foam installed throughout your home is safer, easier and cleaner than installation with other products.


Noise Reduction

Once our USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation is installed, you will notice an immediate and significant decrease in outside noises.



USA Premium Injection Foam can help reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, protect the environment, and boost your overall home comfort!

We have the tools to insulate every space 
in new and existing homes

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injection foam

Premium Injection Wall Foam 
in Nazareth, PA

Unlock the hidden energy-saving potential of your home with our premium injection foam wall insulation. Save money, stay comfortable, and reduce your carbon footprint. Book your free home insulation inspection today and see the difference in your walls.

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Blown-In Attic Insulation 
in Nazareth, PA

Create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home with our blown-in attic insulation service in Nazareth, PA. Don't let heat escape or ice dams form in your poorly insulated attic - Discover the secret to a cozy home with USA Insulation today.

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Attic Air Sealing 
in Nazareth, PA

Experience the transformative power of our Premium Air Sealing service at USA Insulation of Lehigh Valley. Uncover hidden air leaks and put an end to wasted energy. Increase your home's comfort while enjoying lower energy bills. Schedule your free home insulation inspection today and take the first step towards a more efficient and comfortable home in Nazareth, PA.

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Spray Foam 
in Nazareth, PA

Discover the secret to an energy-efficient home with our cutting-edge spray foam insulation service. Say goodbye to sky-high energy bills and temperature fluctuations, as our innovative foam plastic substance forms a powerful barrier against wind and extreme temperatures. Don't settle for traditional insulation products that deteriorate over time - opt for long-lasting, moisture-resistant spray foam insulation for optimal comfort and savings.


0% Interest for 72 Months

With full home install at time of Apt.

๐ŸŽƒ "Black cats prowl and owls hoot, Our finance deal is absolute! 0% for 72, itโ€™s a magic brew, tailored for you." Does not include spray foam. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Some Thoughts From Our
Awesome Customers

Keith and his team arrived promptly as scheduled. They were professional polite and took the time to explain the steps of the process. They did a complete attic insulation and we are very happy...

- klahssickah castro

We won the USA Insulation Hometown Hero giveaway. The team came in and was ready to go! Everyone was EXTREMELY friendly and helpful. Every question that we had was answered thoroughly. They...

- Alyssa Walberg

My husband dealt with Keith (truck #2) and his crew. From start to finish he said they were very professional and friendly. Kept him updated the entire time and when they left you would never...

- Susan Miller

Keith and his crew where the guys that we were blessed with. They did an awesome job! They were very respectful, answered any and all questions that we had. Made sure that they gave us updates as...

- DepressoExpresso { Anim }

007, That was the number of the truck that arrived to insulate my house. Isaiah and Jacob arrived about 15 minutes early. They were the Epitome of professionals, friendly, knowledgeable. They were...

- Thomas Artiaga

Thank you USA INSULATION of Toledo! Great Companies only result from great people. Group leader Keith and his crew were excellent from start to finish. The communication, updates on progress,...


The two crew leaders Keith and Chuck were AWESOME! Everything was explained during the walk through and after the work was completed, The whole crew was professional, hard working and very...

- Paul Overman Jr.

Ask for Truck 007! Isaiah and Jacob were extremely professional. They were very thorough and clean. Thank you for helping to keep my family warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These guys...

- Doug Walther

Keith and his crew in truck 2 did a fantastic job constantly offering me opportunity to watch and observe his crew work and going over the project after it was completed which was also faster than...

- Rush Ziegler

My experience with USA Insulation was top-notch! Starting with the sales to the crew, I felt very comfortable with every one who came to my home and worked on my project. I am so appreciative of...

- Janet Strausbaugh

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