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It’s Back to Cool – For Your Home, That Is

Tired of sweating it out in your home?

Weary of getting yet another high electricity bill without the payback of a cool home?

Does your family all congregate in the coolest room of the home?

It doesn’t have to be this way! If your air conditioner is relatively new and you service it regularly, you’ll need to look at other factors that could be hindering the coolness of your home and are the true causes of your rising energy bills and constant discomfort.

Take your home back to cool


One of the primary contributors to a cool home, insulation plays a critical role in keeping cool air in and hot air out. In an older home, it’s likely that insulation is either under code, worn out or just plain not there.

Hire an expert to assess your home’s insulation, and consider using injection foam insulation to bring it up to code. The liquid-like material hardens once it’s installed in the walls, it creates a tight seal around the objects installed in walls (like electrical wiring and plumbing pipes), and it’s highly efficient.


Just like you don your sunglasses once you step outside to shield your eyes from the glaring sun, you can use shades in your home to do the same thing. Take note of the side of the home that takes a beating from the afternoon sun – usually the hottest time of the day.

Keep the window shades on this side of the home closed, and you’ll keep heat out. In fact, experts estimate that you can reduce the amount of heat that would normally move through windows by 30 percent.

Breezy days and nights

Run fans in your home to feel extra cool. Fans generate a wind-chill effect, helping to evaporate moisture on your skin. That’s the technical explanation for what fans do. All you need to know is that you’ll feel much cooler with fans blowing. So fire up your ceiling and table fans.

USA Insulation is an expert at installing injection foam insulation in the walls and insulating attics of existing homes. For more information about getting back to cool, give us a call today!

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