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Energy bills through the roof? There’s a clean, safe and effective solution for that.

Since 1985, USA Insulation has been providing homeowners and businesses Comfort and Savings with our proprietary and premier products. USA Premium Spray Foam addresses areas of the structure that other insulations cannot and is under our umbrella of services for whole home insulation. Spray foam insulation compliments our proprietary USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation to help achieve maximum performance.

What exactly is spray foam insulation?

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an innovative foam plastic substance that is sprayed onto an open surface in paint-like form and then expands to create an insulating barrier against wind and outside temperatures. Once the insulation sets, it expands to create an insulation barrier against extreme temperatures and moisture. Unlike traditional insulation products like fiberglass and cellulose, spray foam insulation doesn’t settle or deteriorate over time. USA Insulation offers three Premium Spray Foam products to fit every need: USA HC1, USA CC2, USA OC5.

  • USA Premium Spray Foam – USASPF OC5 – As both an insulator and air barrier in one, USA OC5 exhibits superior thermal insulation and air-sealing properties, improving your property’s energy efficiency. Unlike traditional insulation materials, USA OC5 expands to over 100x its initial volume in seconds to fill and seal building cavities of any shape or size.
  • USA Premium Spray Foam – USASPF HC1 – USA HC1 is a fast-set spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation system designed to insulate and air seal the thermal envelope in one step. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, USA HC1 features a chemical matrix with a tighter cellular window for ultimate performance, expanding over 40x in size within seconds to fill and seal voids and cavities of any shape and size.
  • USA Premium Spray Foam – USASPF CC2 – USA CC2 is a thermal insulator, air barrier, and vapor barrier in one. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, USA CC2 completely air seals, keeping conditioned air inside the building and preventing energy loss due to outside air infiltration. Rated for above and below grade applications.

What does spray foam insulation do?

Spray Foam Home Insulation Efficiency chart

At least 15 percent of energy is lost through your basement and floors, while 25 percent escapes through your attic. That means your air-conditioning and heating system is working twice as hard to maintain steady temperatures throughout your home.

This issue is one of the largest contributing factors that cause energy bills to skyrocket through the roof. Spray foam insulation is the perfect solution and can easily be applied to open areas like attics, basements, crawlspaces, ceilings and inside new walls.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Air Sealant

    Spray foam expands to fill cracks and holes, and once hardened, creates an airtight seal that blocks particularly cold and hot air from entering, preventing indoor drafts. USA Insulation has the highest R-value in its class meaning that our insulation is highly resistant to temperature conduction.

  • Weather Barrier

    Year-round, rain or shine, a protective layer of spray foam insulation keeps the elements out, and your heated and cooled air in. Spray foam insulation also blocks allergens from entering your home, keeping you comfortable year-round.

  • Vapor Retardant

    Moisture is no match for our spray foam. The low permeance or "perm" of the material makes it very effective at lessening the amount of vapor that passes through. And because spray foam won’t deteriorate over time, your home will stay protected against moisture and vapor.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Spray foam can help reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, protect the environment and boost your overall home comfort, all while limiting the amount of ozone-depleting substances. Both our USASPF OC5 and USASPF HC1 are 100% Water Blown with no CFCs or HFCs.

  • Mold Deterrent

    Inert polymers prevent bacteria growth and act as a barrier against external moisture. These properties provide better protection against mildew, mold and water damage.

  • Sound Suppressor

    Once spray foam insulation is installed, you will notice an immediate and significant decrease in outside noises.

Where is spray foam insulation used?

Insulation in walls of new construction, additions or knee walls.

  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Noise reduction.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Flexible installation to custom fit any substrate or construction shape, achieving code required R-values with limited cavity depth.
  • Highly resistant to water, moisture, and mold.
  • Inedible for pests.

Attic Spaces

  • Great application in unvented attic applications
  • Adds Shear Strength to structure
  • Air Seal and Insulation with one product
  • Achieve Code required R-Values with limited cavity depths in areas like cathedral ceilings.


  • Great for converting basements into living spaces
  • 2lb foam for below grade exterior applications
  • Meeting frost line energy codes
  • Air Seal and Insulation with one product for band joists

Crawl Spaces

  • Exterior walls of crawl spaces for conditioned/unvented crawl spaces
  • Floor applications for unconditioned/vented crawl spaces
  • With 2lb Foam no need for additional products like vapor barriers

Pole Barns and other special applications

  • With our diverse product line like our USA HC1 Formula we can offer our customer various options to meet the needs of specialty projects like shops, man caves, poles barns or other special applications where traditional insulating methods cant fulfill the need.

Benefits of our USA HC1 Formula

  • USA Premium HC1 is a hybrid formula designed for areas in the country that have both a heating and cooling season.
  • Air Barrier: HC1 is a medium density product that is every bit airtight as a closed cell product.
  • Fire: E-84 Class 1 Fire rated product
  • Better sound barrier than closed cell foam
  • R-Value: (R5) -Hybrid has a much higher R-value than open cell products by as much as 35%
  • No shaving needed, customer isn’t paying for waste.
  • Vapor Retarder: A better air barrier since the “skin” is left on the foam and not shaved off. Class 3 Vapor Retarder.
  • Structural integrity: The cured product is rigid and strong.
  • Adhesion: With a tighter cell structure the material is far more stable and can adhere to virtually any surface
  • Breathable Membrane system: The foam does not absorb water when exposed to moisture. It allows trapped moisture to transfer through the foam and dry out over time. Opposed to closed cell foams that don’t allow moisture mitigation. In addition, closed cell foam can hold water/leak against a roof deck. Over time the “puddle” will spread and begin to rot/rust the roof deck.

“We had a new furnace put in a year ago. Our pipes had frozen because the installers had moved all of our insulation around up in the attic when they put the duct work up in the attic and didn't put any of the insulation back where it should have been. So many of our pipes were exposed to this harsh weather we had and caused a real problem. Thanks to you, our problems seem to be solved now and we THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

Kenneth F., Mentor, OH

“From start to finish, USA Insulation was professional, complete, and a pleasure to work with. Their work made a significant improvement in the comfort of our home.”

Tedd M., Marietta, GA

“5-star experience from this company. Dennis was very thorough in his estimate and inspection of my home. The day of the job, the crew was very nice and did an excellent job cleaning up. HUGE difference now that my home is fully insulated. Would highly recommend this company to anyone.”

Robert K., Imperial, PA

“The guys that came here today was very knowledgeable and skilled at insulation. They walked me through and also while they worked. After they was finished they cleaned everything. I'm very happy with the job.”

Duane C., Wapakoneta, OH

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