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Insulation Mold: Avoid It at All Costs

It isn’t unusual to find mold in bathrooms, kitchens, basement or crawl spaces — areas where moisture and humidity are commonplace. Insulation mold is also just as problematic and frequent, especially for homeowners living in hot, humid climates. Discover how insulation mold wreaks havoc in the home, and what you can do to prevent it.

Why it’s a problem

Insulation mold — or any mold for that matter — is a huge problem. Here’s why:

  • It’s unsightly.
  • It can rot building materials.
  • It’s harmful to household occupants.
  • It can end up costing you lots of money for remediation and remodeling.

The high level of humidity in warm climates over the summer makes insulation, particularly in the attic, susceptible to problems. You see, when insulation gets wet, it doesn’t perform as efficiently. Even more so, when the paper backing on blanket insulation gets wet, it eventually gives way to the growth of mold. Once mold gains a foothold, it simply eats away at everything within its grasp, destroying insulation backing, eventually moving onto the structure.

How to avoid it

Every homeowner living in a humid climate needs to be aware of the possibility of insulation mold and how to prevent it. Comprehensive solutions include using:

  • Proper venting. Ridge and soffit vents allow air into the attic and help usher hot, humid air out of the attic, controlling humidity levels and preventing mold growth.
  • Foam insulation. Unlike batt insulation that becomes damaged when wet and whose paper backing easily encourages mold growth, foam insulation creates a solid heat barrier that doesn’t succumb to humidity.
  • Prevention tactics. Don’t leave items in the attic that will act as food sources for mold, such as paper, clothing, cardboard boxes, or any other organic materials.

For help dealing with insulation mold, contact USA Insulation today! We can help you put mold problems to rest and ensure your attic space is designed to withstand humidity challenges.

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