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Insulation and Air Sealing: A Match Made in Heaven

High-efficiency air conditioner, low energy prices, home design — these are just some of the factors that create a comfortable and efficient home. But they’re not the only ones. In fact, together, insulation and air sealing lay the foundation for a very comfortable, energy-efficient place to lay your head at night. No matter the season.

The home as the star

Sometimes, a movie becomes legendary not just because of the stars who are front and center and the great dialogue. In many cases, behind-the-scenes workhorses contribute to its success. That’s also true of homes. Behind the scenes, insulation and a tightly sealed exterior create a solid foundation from which an efficient air conditioner can perform, the home’s design facilitates cooling, and low energy prices is the cherry on top.


Underneath layers of paint or wallpaper and drywall, and behind your home’s stucco, brick, shingle, block or wood exterior, the insulation acts as an energy-stopper. While the home’ structure and moisture barrier stop the elements from penetrating into the home, the insulation stops heat.

Air sealing

Your home’s insulation wouldn’t be very effective without a tightly sealed perimeter, however. That’s especially true for areas in the home where utility wires, exhaust, ductwork and plumbing pipes protrude through the walls. The areas around these components must be tightly sealed, stopping air from moving through the structure and around the insulation, and into the home.With a tightly sealed and properly insulated home, you can make your home a comfortable haven for family members, without having to break your wallet. Talk to the experts at USA Insulation about premium foam insulation options for your home and air sealing strategies to keep all the cool air inside.

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