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Insulation 101: Your Only Source for Information

Insulation 101: Your Only Source for Information

Who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks on summer cooling costs? But at the expense of comfort? Not on your life.

Almost no amount of money can compensate for a stuffy, clammy, hot home when outdoor summer heat is blazing and there’s no reprieve. If you can’t keep your home comfortably cooled, you’re tempted to pay through the nose for an improvement.

You don’t have to sacrifice your wallet to the energy gods to get relief. Learn about the basics, and let this insulation 101 guide help you achieve your dream of an uber comfortable home and energy savings.

Insulation 101

If you decide to pursue the happy marriage of savings and comfort, these are three of the steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Choose the right insulation type. Batt insulation is popular, but it’s generally not as efficient, durable or lasting as premium foam insulation. Foam fits neatly into tight and hard-to-reach spaces, creating a nearly airtight seal and a material that doesn’t shift over time.
  • Know where to insulate. Some of the more common places homeowners insulate include attics, crawl spaces, ceilings, floors and walls. Homeowners who live in warm climates benefit greatly from insulating attics and walls, which creates a thermal barrier around the home to keep heat out.
  • Decide to air seal the home. Without an effective, airtight seal to keep heat out, even with improved insulation, energy will make its way through cracks and gaps and affect your comfort.

No longer is it necessary to be a soldier against the marching army of heat that assaults your home, day in and day out over the summer season. For more information about insulation or to get a free insulation 101 consultation, contact USA insulation today!

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