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Industry’s Highest R-Value Wall Insulation and Market Demand Makes USA Insulation Enticing Franchise Opportunity

EASTLAKE, Ohio – Sep. 26, 2011 – The demand for quality insulation continues to increase nationwide as more and more homeowners are growing weary of high-energy bills and discomfort due to inadequately insulated homes. A recent study by the Freedonia Group shows U.S. demand for insulation materials will rise 7.4 percent annually through 2014.

USA Insulation, the first and only national residential retrofit insulation company with its own proprietary wall insulation product and franchise opportunity, is poised to capitalize on this market need. The company has already insulated more than 20,000 homes since 1977.

USA Insulation has seen steady growth since first offering franchises in 2004. Its hallmark is having the highest R-value of any wall insulation on the market with its USA Premium Foam Insulation. R-value is the thermal resistance of insulation; the higher the R-value, the greater the resistance to heat flow — which means the greater the energy savings.

“We make it easy for our franchise owners to carve out a piece of the $7.1 billion U.S. insulation market by having a quality product to offer,” said USA Insulation Corporation President Patrick Pitrone, “Our USA Premium Foam Insulation is up to 45 percent higher R-value than fiberglass, cellulose or rockwool and contains no formaldehyde — a substance unfortunately found in some wall insulation.”

Pitrone adds homeowners should not only choose the highest R-value wall insulation available, but should also make sure it’s environmentally friendly, long lasting, fire resistant, fills the entire wall cavity and won’t settle.

In additional to offering environmentally friendly wall insulation, the company also offers USA Premium Air Sealing and top-quality fiberglass insulation. Experts predict a market growth of nearly five percent annually. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, only 20 percent of the houses built before 1980 are considered well insulated.

Many homes have no insulation, due to the fact that building codes didn’t require insulation prior to the mid-1970s.

“USA Insulation supports me in so many ways, but the bottom line is that the product sells itself and there is a great demand for it year round,” said Mike Carey, owner of the Akron USA Insulation franchise.

“One of the lowest cost options for improving the energy efficiency of a home is adding insulation. We’ve seen homeowners decrease their energy bills by as much as 30 to 50 percent by properly insulating the walls and attic,” added Pitrone. “Our business model franchise, proprietary products and outstanding service set us apart from the competition.”

According to Pitrone, the money homeowners save in reduced energy costs often pays for the insulation within a few years. After that, the insulation continues to save money for the life of the home. It also increases the comfort and resale value of a house.

“Becoming an owner/operator of a USA Insulation franchise was the best decision I have ever made,” said Mike Madden, owner of the Pittsburgh USA Insulation franchise.

According to USA Insulation’s Franchise Disclosure Document, each USA Insulation franchise owner has the right to develop one office and territory for the franchise fee of $45,000. For more information, visit usainsulation.net.

PHOTO CAPTION: One of the hallmarks of a successful franchise is offering a quality product or service. USA Insulation offers homeowners a proprietary insulation that’s eco- and family friendly, and formaldehyde-free.

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