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How to Save Money – Without Clipping Coupons

For some, clipping coupons is energizing. In pursuit of the ultimate deal, matriarchs scour the internet for coupons and create elaborate plans for visiting multiple stores. For others, couponing is a necessity.But have you thought about what’s hiding behind the walls of your home? No, you don’t have to break out your Fight-Club gear to bring down the boogie man. It’s insulation – or rather, the lack thereof – that could be driving your energy bills higher and higher.Put down the scissors and give couponing a break. Let’s talk about how insulation can help you save even more.

Why insulation helps you save

Every time the furnace cycles on, it generates heat that should ideally spread throughout the home and evenly heat the rooms. Let’s say that one wall of your home lacks sufficient insulation to keep heat inside the home. As your home is heated, that heat energy will exit the home through the poorly insulated wall, making the home cooler.The thermostat then reads the home’s temperature as dropping, and cause the furnace to cycle on again – and sooner than it would if your home had adequate insulation throughout. This starts a vicious cycle of the furnace cycling on, over and over again, as the wall’s thermal barrier is nonexistent.Here’s what happens when the home is properly insulated:

  • The furnace cycles on and generates heat.
  • Heat is distributed throughout the home via the ductwork.
  • The walls and attic have a strong thermal insulation barrier, keeping the heat inside.
  • Your family stays comfy and cozy, all winter long.

With better thermal protection around your home, you’ll save on energy costs as well as your food budget. If you’re driven by the pursuit of scoring the ultimate coupon deal, by all means, continue. But give insulation a second look. Get in touch with USA Insulation for more information about how injection foam insulation can help you put the kibosh on out-of-control energy costs.

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