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How Does Insulation Work in the Summer?

Have you ever sat in your home on a hot summer day and realized that your home wasn’t as warm as you thought it would be? If so, you can thank your insulation for that because insulation can work during the winter and the summer.

Even if you have extreme seasons on both ends, you can use foam insulation to keep the air in or out of your home. You don’t have to worry about blasting the air conditioning on a summer day. But how does insulation work in the summer? Can it keep you cool and comfortable?

How Does Insulation Work?

To better understand how insulation works in the summer, you should know how it works in general. Insulation acts as a barrier to keep the air in or out of your house. And in the winter, that usually means keeping warm air in and cold air out.

However, insulation can do the same job in the summer, but air placement is different. During the warmer months, insulation can keep the cool air inside, and it will keep the hot air outside.

Of course, air can still escape your home through the ground and doors and windows when you open them. But adding insulation between your inside walls and outside walls can help keep the air from escaping that way.

How Insulation Works in Summer

When it’s hot out, you may want to blast the air conditioning to stay cool. While that can definitely help, it won’t last long if the air can get out of your house. And if hot air from the outdoors can get into your home, the air conditioner will need to work harder for you to stay cool.

If you use insulation, you won’t want to worry as much about cool air getting out. To work best in the summer, you should look for general insulation, rather than heat insulation. Still, general foam insulation is a great way to block air from traveling into or out of your home.

However, in both the summer and the winter, you should look for the best type of insulation. Fiberglass insulation, for example, isn’t always leak-proof, so air could get in or out. On the other hand, you can pack foam into small corners, so it can fit almost anywhere.

Why Insulation in Summer Matters

The better you’re able to insulate your home, the more you can save on energy costs. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweltering outside; you can keep your home cool with a combination of insulation and air conditioning.

During the summer, you can take advantage of reflective insulation. Unlike foam, you can put a layer on the floor of your attic. It won’t stop heat from getting into your attic, but it will reflect the heat back into the attic. Then, it won’t get into the rest of your home, so it’s one more way you can stay cool.

Even if you mainly need insulation for cold weather, it can be beneficial during the summer. As long as you use the right type of insulation for your home and needs, you can take advantage of it at any time of the year.

Stay Cool

When you think of insulation, you probably think of how it can keep you warm during the winter, and it can. However, insulation works both ways, so it can also keep you cool during the summer.

Insulation in the summer will act as a barrier like it does in the winter, except it will maintain the cool air that’s already in your home. The insulation means that you can still stay cool, and you won’t have to use as much energy during the warmer months.

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