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Reinsulate Your Home in Chambersburg, PA
with USA Insulation

Insulation Services in Chambersburg, PA

Having a drafty Chambersburg, PA home or business is more than simply uncomfortable. It's also expensive and can contribute to noise and air pollution. For example, did you know that 15 percent of home energy costs are lost through air gaps in the basement? Another 25 percent is lost through cracks and crevices, and a whopping 35 percent can be lost through the walls. Thankfully, our insulation products, including premium injection wall foam, blown-in attic insulation, attic air sealing and spray foam, can help seal air leaks and improve your building's energy efficiency.

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Why do you need to 
reinsulate your home?

Lower Energy Bills

Lower Energy Bills

It has been shown that installing USA Premium Foam Insulation in your walls results in savings on your energy bills!

A Healthier Home

A Healthier Home

Protecting your home with USA Insulation will lower your energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Live Comfortably

Live Comfortably

Increasing insulation reduces the heat exchange, maintaining a more consistent level of comfort throughout your home year-round!

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Ready for a more comfortable home?

USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation Benefits


Higher R-Value

A material's insulation properties are rated as "R-Value." "R" stands for resistance. Our USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation is 35% more efficient than the competition.


Improves Indoor Air Quality

Having USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation in your walls contributes to the overall comfort and health of everyone in your home.


Best Fire & Smoke Rating

USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation in your walls actually acts as a fire barrier that will retard the spread of flames in your home.


Clean & Quick Installation

Having USA Premium Injection Foam installed throughout your home is safer, easier and cleaner than installation with other products.


Noise Reduction

Once our USA Premium Injection Foam Insulation is installed, you will notice an immediate and significant decrease in outside noises.



USA Premium Injection Foam can help reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, protect the environment, and boost your overall home comfort!

We have the tools to insulate every space 
in new and existing homes

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injection foam

Premium Injection Wall Foam 
in Chambersburg, PA

If you own an existing home or commercial building in Chambersburg, PA, you might think that you'd have to take down wall panels or siding or remove large sections of brick in order to increase the insulation in your home. With our USA premium injection wall foam, you can improve your building's insulation without damaging your existing facade or interior finishes. This is because our custom-made, premium injection wall foam is designed to be injected into the empty spaces in your walls. It can be put behind drywall, brick, stucco, shingles, shakes and siding. Once it's installed, you'll notice better indoor air quality, lower energy bills and less noise pollution from outside sounds.

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Blown-In Attic Insulation 
in Chambersburg, PA

How deep is the attic insulation in your home? If you don't know or if you've been in your attic and not seen any insulation, it's time to call a professional to have blown-in attic insulation added. Homes without adequate attic insulation can lose valuable climate-controlled air while the heat in the attic seeps into the living areas. This can dramatically increase your home's heating and cooling bills. Our blown-in attic insulation service includes examining your existing attic insulation in order to determine how much additional insulation you need, making sure you have all your attic baffles and installing additional attic baffles, if needed and installing the blown-in attic insulation. Once the new attic insulation is installed, you'll notice increased indoor comfort year-round and lower heating and cooling bills.

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Attic Air Sealing 
in Chambersburg, PA

If you're looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption by up to 20 percent, our premium air sealing service can help. This service is designed to locate and seal all your Chambersburg, PA home or business' hidden air leaks. These leaks can be located around electrical wires and conduits as well as piping and air ducts. Once we find and seal all your hidden air leaks, unwanted air transfer will stop. You'll notice less moisture condensation, which can reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew growth in your home or business, and you'll notice cleaner indoor air due to soil gases and other contaminants entering your building.

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Spray Foam 
in Chambersburg, PA

Our spray foam is designed to be sprayed onto an open surface. This makes it ideal for new construction, attics, crawlspaces and basements. If you have an existing home, it compliments our premium injection wall foam because the injection wall foam can be used to increase the insulation in your walls while our spray foam can be used to insulate your basement or crawlspace and attic. We offer three types of spray foam, including USASPF OC5, USASPF HC1 and USASPF CC2. Our USASPF OC5 is both an insulating barrier and an air barrier. Our USASPF HC1 is a spray foam insulating system that sets quickly, and our USASPF CC2 is a thermal and moisture barrier as well as an insulator. Our insulation technicians in Chambersburg, PA can help you decide which type of spray foam would best benefit your home or business.


30% Tax Credit Up to $1200

Government Tax Credit is 30% up to $1200.

Always consult a tax advisor.

Some Thoughts From Our
Awesome Customers

USA Spray Me offers top-notch spray foam insulation services. Their skilled team ensures precise application, creating a seamless barrier against heat and cold. The company's commitment to quality...

- Nicole Strunk

Loyal customer for life... here's why... 4 years ago I hired a different foam company to foam our flat roof. Last week I noticed minor cracking in several areas around the perimeter of the house....

- Erik Marinovich

Recently hired Usa Spray Me for my home remodeling project, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Their insulation work is top-notch, ensuring my home stays warm and energy-efficient. The team was...

- denkorea

I had to come across and get this amazing company’s phone number from a family friend that also moved to the Bay Area not to long and had some fixing to do with their house. My house that I...

- natasha mkhoyan

Outstanding Insulation Services by USA Spray Me! Last fall, we made the decision to repair and update our house, and USA Spray Me did an exceptional job installing floor, walls, and garage...

- Mariam Chiyarach

We decided to repair and update our house last fall and these guys did an excellent job on installing floor, walls and garage insulations. They helped us to identify places that needed to be...

- Armine Harutyunyan

Recently I needed some insulation work done in my interior roof and these guys did exactly what they were supposed to do with very reasonable prices. They were very polite and were always on time...

- Hayk Mkrtchyan

If you’re considering spray foam insulation use these guys! Max and his team are extremely professional, prompt, and affordable. We used them for closed-cell foam at an ADU in Berkeley and the...

- Chris

We were looking for someone to do our yards concrete leveling, we decided to use “USA Spray Me”. My friend recommended them since they did an amazing job during their time at her new place. So...

- Milen Kasoumian

Great job helping me out with the house. I hired these guys to help me with the roof and they did a fantastic job for a reasonable price. Then I also found out they provide a lot of other services...

- Vitali R

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