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Give Your Home Columbia-Grade Weatherization

Every day, whether or not you know it, you depend on weatherization. Your car is weatherized. Even your jacket is weatherized. Your home should be ready to fight the winter weather, too. Here’s how to build a line of defense in your home against the cold through a simple three-step weatherization strategy.

Step 1: Seal

You may not even be able to feel it, but there are probably many cracks in your home’s exterior that let the cold air inside. It’s easy to stop air infiltration with a simple tube of caulk. Filling the cracks with this material stops air movement.

Step 2: Strip

There are areas in your home that let air in but that still need to “move,” like windows and doors. Apply caulk to these areas, and well, you’d be forever locked inside. That’s where weatherstripping comes in. The strips of rubber material can be applied at the bottom of doors and around windows where gaps commonly occur, but you’ll still be able to open and close them.

Step 3: Insulate

Stealth, ninja-like energy easily moves through walls, studs and shingles – unless the house is wrapped in insulation. The problem with your existing insulation is that it’s likely old, less efficient than when it was installed, possibly damaged, or maybe even non-existent. Insulating the home will keep this energy from traveling at will, which means your home will finally be the warm and cozy haven you’ve been dreaming about.Just like Columbia jackets employ Omniheat technology and The North Face uses Fuseform innovation to generate a lighter, low-density material, your home needs advanced technologies to fight off the cold. Hire an expert to effectively seal, weatherstrip and insulate your home to give your family the warmest winter they’ve ever experienced inside your home. Contact USA Insulation today and ask about our innovative injection foam insulation.

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