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Franklin’s Resolutions

Would Ben Franklin have resolved to insulate his home with Premium Foam?

Have you made your New Year‘s resolutions yet? Benjamin Franklin completed his over 250 years ago. They were a list of 13 goals he strived to achieve during his lifetime. After reviewing them, I can‘t help but come to the conclusion that he would not have hesitated to choose Premium Foam to insulate his home. I‘ll list just a few of his goals to show you why.

FRUGALITY: “Waste nothing.”

With Premium Foam Insulation, Ben could have stopped throwing Benjamins away on his utility bills AND conserved his new country‘s precious natural resources–by conserving energy in his home.MODERATION: “Avoid extremes.”

It‘s rumored that Ben invented the Franklin stove, not to cook with, but to keep his workshop warm in winter. He should have invented Premium Foam instead, because heat would not have escaped through the walls–it would have been evenly distributed throughout his home, including his workshop!

TRANQUILITY: “Be not disturbed by trifles.”

No wonder he called his almanac “Poor Richard‘s”. How could he ever concentrate on his writing when he had to keep getting up to adjust the thermostat? Nothing is better than Premium Foam Insulation at keeping the room temperature consistent during the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Poor Ben should have had Premium Foam.CLEANLINESS: “Tolerate no uncleanliness in…habitation.”

Clean air in the home. Quick clean installation. Installing Premium Foam would have made Ben‘s habitation healthier, and Ben wealthier and wiser for choosing it. That‘s because Premium Foam is eco-friendly and contains no toxic materials like formaldehyde. And the installation is done from outside the home, leaving no mess or chemical dust in the home!

TEMPERANCE: “Drink not to elevation.”

He may just as well have said, “Resist liquid”. And that is exactly what Premium Foam does. It‘s water resistant! Water just slides right off it. That means mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria have virtually no chance of forming.SILENCE: “Avoid trifling conversations.”

What Ben is really referring to here are bothersome noises. It just so happens that Premium Foam forms a sound barrier that significantly dampens outside noises. The crash of lightning, cannon fire, and horseback riders galloping through town in the middle of the night shouting “The British are coming! The British are coming!” wouldn‘t have disturbed his sleep.

INDUSTRY: “Lose no time…”

Ben knew the benefits of taking care of important things with all due speed. He also believed, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Had Ben insulated his home with Premium Foam, his energy usage would have dropped immediately and he wouldn‘t have had to cut down as many trees for firewood. He also would have been able to enjoy a very cozy home instead of freezing like Washington‘s troops at Valley Forge.Actually, I‘m surprised that, as an inventor during revolutionary times, Ben didn‘t invent something as revolutionary as Premium Foam. Oh, and one other thing Ben would have liked about Premium Foam—it‘s not “British Colony-made”, it‘s American made!Have a Happy 2014 and we hope you keep the resolutions you make this year!

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