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February Temperatures Were the Lowest in History

The weather Channel reports that, “in the Midwest and Northeast, February 2015 ranked as one of the coldest Februaries on record for many major cities”. Did we need the Weather Channel to tell us that? As Bob Dylan sang in Subterranean Homesick Blues, “You don‘t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. Anyone who spent any time outdoors knows that it was the coldest they have probably ever felt. In fact, probably the coldest anyone has ever felt since weather record-keeping began in since 1885.

Here are some February temperature facts for selected cities where we have USA Insulation locations.

  • Chicago‘s average of 14.6 degrees was tied for the coldest February on record.
  • Cleveland had its coldest February ever with a 14.3 degrees average and an average daily low of 5.2 degrees. Its coldest day measured a bone-chilling 17 below!
  • Detroit had its 2nd Coldest February on Record at 14.1 degrees.


It is Friday March 6th and everyone has anticipated a spring weather “break” after suffering through the coldest February in history for many cities. Well hold onto your hats, (preferably snow caps) because we are celebrating even more record lows today! This just in from the Weather Channel referring to today‘s temperatures:

All-Time March Record Low:

Pittsburgh set its all-time March record low with 4 below zero (previous record was 1 below zero last set March 2, 1980)

Coldest So Late in the Season:

Pittsburgh also set its coldest temperature there this late in the winter season with its low of 4 below zero

Daily Record Lows (new record is in parentheses): Chicago (0 degrees), Cincinnati, Ohio (0 degrees), Detroit (0 degrees), Washington, D.C. – Dulles International Airport (9 degrees),


  • Pittsburgh averaged 18.3 degrees for its 2nd coldest February on record.
  • New York City experienced its 3rd coldest February on record at 23.9 degrees.
  • Cincinnati had its 4th coldest February on record – 24 degrees.

The Weather Channel also reports that, “Not only was the cold persistent in the East during February, but the magnitude was also extreme at times. We’ve seen all-time record lows for the month set in some locations, while others saw their coldest temperatures in decades.”Hopefully you had your warm woolen mittens on this winter and your home had equally sufficient insulation to keep the cold outside where it belongs and your furnace from working overtime. The good news is—February is history (record-breaking history, albeit) and we can be comforted in knowing Spring is just around the corner. Keep warm, America!

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