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Don’t Blame the Air Conditioner If Your Home’s Too Hot!

In summer, we expect it to be hot and sticky outside. But hot and sticky inside? Something must be wrong. But you had a technician come out and your air conditioner is running fine. What could the problem possibly be?

Keeping your home cool involves a lot more than just your air conditioner. Your problem may be your insulation. Or it may be the seals around common areas of leakage that you find throughout your home. They all form a protective shell around your home, but they need to be working properly for your home to stay cool in the summer.

Your walls and attic are the most important part of that shell – comprising about 80% of your home‘s surface area exposed to the outside. If your home is under-insulated, conditioned air will escape and hot air get in through the barrier.

The fact is, insulation just as important to keeping your home comfortable in summer as it is in winter.

To help indicate where your home‘s areas of concerns exists, ask yourself a few simple questions.

Was your home built before 1980?

Is your home hot and humid even when the air conditioner is running?

Are your upstairs rooms hotter than your downstairs rooms?

Do you need to set your thermostat too low?

Are your energy bills excessive?

Is noise from outside too loud?

Do your walls have “hot” spots?

Are you getting condensation on your walls?

Are ceiling joists visible in your attic?If you answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions…you may have a problem with the barrier of your home—and fortifying that barrier starts with quality insulation.

Keep cool and comfy all summer by keeping that expensive cool air in and that hot, humid summer air outside where it belongs. Of course, insulation also keeps you warm in winter. And you‘ll save on your energy bills year round!

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