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DIY installation? 3 Reasons it’s not a good idea…

The colder it gets outside, the more homeowners without adequate insulation realize they're going to need more than an extra pair of socks to stay warm inside. They're going to need something a lot more effective, like insulation! For some, that means dusting off the power tools and taking a stand to do it alone just to save a few bucks. And while we appreciate eager homeowners that want to DIY everything, we don't advise cutting corners in this important home upgrade. Here are three reasons you should never install insulation yourself:

1. Safety first

To sufficiently insulate your home, reaching every area of the house is crucial. This requires going into your attic, basement or crawl space that many people tend to avoid. It can definitely be a hazardous journey. The insulation experts at USA Insulation know all of the precautionary steps to follow when installing insulation in these tricky areas of the home along with the right types of safety equipment for every situation.

2. Proper tools

Getting a few batts of fiberglass insulation to lay down may be the go-to method for excited DIY homeowners, but to ensure high quality and sufficient insulation for a comfortable and energy-efficient home, you're going to need the right tools (and of course product) for the job. Since USA Insulation has proprietary installation equipment for its USA Premium Foam® injection foam, you're ensured each installation is done correctly with minimal mess.

3. Installing insulation the right way: too tight vs too loose

Many homeowners who attempt to install their own insulation may not be aware of the more complicated strategies for installing insulation, such as ensuring the insulation isn't too tight or too loose. If the insulation is either, damage and high energy bills can accumulate.

Too tight

Installing insulation that's too tight can hinder or eliminate a home's ability to receive fresh air, thereby increasing humidity levels throughout the home. When you use USA Insulation's team of experts, we take important aspects like this into consideration when installing insulation.

Too loose

With insulation that's too loose, you run the risk of not sealing all air leaks, rendering your insulation useless. Where there are air leaks, there will be energy loss and as a result, an uncomfortable home environment along with more money out of your pocket.

We have just the right product for the job: USA Premium Foam®Insulation

And of course, last but not least, you don't have access to our proprietary USA Premium Foam insulation. By choosing USA Insulation for your insulation needs, you can take advantage of our unique, versatile and effective USA Premium Foam insulation to make your home energy-efficient and comfortable this winter season and every season after! Contact us for a FREE in-home consultation to get started today!

If you're interested in bringing energy savings and comfort to your community, contact our USA Insulation franchise development professionals today.

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