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Choosing an Insulation Contractor? Here’s What to Look For

Almost anyone with a cutting tool, mask and access to insulation can call themselves an insulation professional. If you’re choosing an insulation contractor with whom to work, don’t call the first insulation contractor that appears in a Google search. Work with a contractor who:

  1. Knows about insulation and the home as a system.Insulation doesn’t act in isolation, especially in the attic. Ventilation works in tandem with insulation to prevent heat buildup in the attic and stop moisture and mold problems.
  2. Recommends air sealing when necessary. Insulation won’t stop air from moving through the home’s structure, but air sealing will. Along with ventilation, air sealing and insulation are key players in the home’s energy efficiency.
  3. Understands the best type of insulation to use, and knows whether injection foam, spray foam, batts or rigid panel insulation is ideal for your home. A product like injection foam helps to reduce air infiltration and stops heat transfer.
  4. Offers professional installation. The process should begin with an expert consultation that includes an inspection of the home from top to bottom, a thermographic scan if necessary, and recommendations for improvement.
  5. Knows how to install insulation in existing homes, whether the exterior is wood, siding, brick, shingles or cement block — without causing costly or unsightly damage.
  6. Holds the proper certifications and training to expertly evaluate insulation in existing homes, recommend upgrades and then effectively install the materials.
  7. Follows industry standards for dealing with insulation materials, disposing of old insulation, and knowing how to handle risk factors like asbestos and mold.

Know what to look for when hiring an insulation contractor. For optimal results, get in touch with the professionals at USA Insulation. We’re happy to talk to you about premium foam insulation options, installation process and more. Just give us a call today!

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